How to Start a Tire Recycling Business

In many countries, the use of natural resources is not sustainable. This means that these countries will eventually run out of their natural resources and be unable to produce goods or services for their citizens. One way in which this can be avoided is by recycling old tires into new ones.

This business idea will help you start a tire recycling business and make money while also helping the environment!

What is a tire recycling business, and how does it work?

A tire recycling business has been specially established to make a profit out of the old tires. The older tires are placed into crushers, and after being crushed, they then form rubber blocks. These blocks, called “tire chips,” can be sold at lower prices than new tires.

A tire recycling business can profit from the “tire chips” they sell as cheaper alternatives to new tires and by selling the recyclable materials contained in the old tires. These materials include steel metal from car bumpers, nylon mesh found in suspension systems, and aluminum rims used for wheels.

How to start your own tire recycling business

To start your own tire recycling business, you will need to have the following:

  • .A tire shredder machine for crushing old tires into pieces that are easier to manage.
  • Space where you can store these tires and any other recyclable material found in them.
  • ¬†An office where you can keep your books and source more business.
  • A place where you store the new tires that are made from the recycled materials.
  • ¬†Processing machines for recycling steel, aluminum, and nylon mesh found in some types of tires.
  • Tires that will be used to make new ones through retreading or recapping processes.
  • A source of cash to pay for all the above expenses and keep your business running.
  • The best place to start up your business

The best place to set up a tire recycling business is open space between an industrial area and residential areas or along roads that connect both these areas. This would allow easier transportation of your goods to customers.

Hiring staff

You will need to hire at least two people for your business, one who is responsible for selling and marketing the tire chips and any other recycled material you may have, while the second person would be working in your factory area. The boss or manager should also be hired to expand your business and add more equipment.

The cost of starting a tire recycling business

The strength of this business is its ability to make money without the need for much start-up capital. This means that you can get started with as little as $500, though it will be difficult to increase your profit.

The benefits of starting a tire recycling business

There are many benefits to starting a tire recycling business. These include:

  • You will be helping the environment by reducing the number of waste tires being disposed of in landfills and not recycled!
  • A way to make your community more environmentally friendly as you help reduce the use of tires, which damage soil and water when they
  • Tire Recycling Business Costs and Risks

The only major costs you will have to worry about are your machinery, especially those used to make new tires from old ones. Besides machinery, there will be minimal costs such as maintenance and raw materials.

Another risk associated with this business is that it can be an unhealthy workplace due to the stored tires containing hazardous chemicals.

Find customers

Finding customers from the start of your business may prove to be a problem because nobody will be aware of your recycling services. You should then use free resources such as newspapers and the internet to advertise and tell people about the benefits recycled tires can bring to them and their community.

Another way to find customers is by approaching businesses such as land excavation companies. You could offer them tires at a low price which is much lower than the cost of new ones.

Once you have convinced people to purchase your recycled tires, you will need to store them somewhere until they are sold. This maybe is challenging because there won’t be enough room for storing all the used and waste tires that people bring in. This is because you have to monitor the storing conditions carefully and make sure that they are not crushed or exposed to any chemicals.


The tire recycling industry has been around since the early ’90s, and a lot has been done to make it sustainable. The movement is still ongoing, with more companies getting involved in this business. Many countries have also started recycling tires due to the rising number of used tires found lying around.

The concept of recycling tires can be applied anywhere there is a need for them. However, the business you have in your mind should be carefully planned and thought of before you decide to start this business up. Your marketing idea, supply of raw materials, and machinery will be all important factors that will help put an end to the use of non-recycled tires.