9 Ways How to Support Your Friends Business

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How to Support Your Friends Business

One of the hardest things to do is start a business and there is no better way to show a close friend that is starting a business your support.

So how do you support your friend’s business?

The best way to support your friend’s business is to ask them questions on how it is going and also spread the word to potential customers that will help your friend’s customer base grow.

There is a lot of brilliant business ideas out there and we all know someone with a great idea, if it sounds difficult to support your friend’s business here are some tips.

Here are 9 ways how to support your friends business:

1. Write a review

Reviews are some of the best ways to support your friend’s business. If you want to show some real support make an account on their website and write a review on any service they offer. It doesn’t matter what it is if it’s on the website give an honest review about how you feel about it.Tell Your FriendsAlmost every business has a goal of increased exposure and increased clientele. If you want to help out your friend then one way is to tell all of your friends about their business. A lot of businesses offer discounts when you refer someone, if not tell your friends any way they will be grateful for the support. On top of that, a lot of businesses will give a percentage of the money made from a referred customer to you.

2. Invite Your Friends To Events

A lot of business owners host events in order to get more exposure and increase clientele. Whether it’s a yoga class or a live music event they want their clients to come out and have fun while supporting their business. If you know your friend is hosting an event invite a couple friends, they will be grateful for the support and happy to see that people are still supporting them after their business has been open for a while.

3. Offer Your Advice

If there is one thing I have learned it’s that everyone will offer their opinion whether you want it or not. It’s good to be there for your friend and their business but sometimes it can get a little overwhelming if you offer too much advice.If you want to show some real support don’t offer too much, if they ask about anything keep an open mind and don’t try telling them what will work best for them always consider that their business might be different from yours it has a different clientele and that is completely okay.

4. Give Your Opinion

Giving your opinion on some of the decisions they make will help them grow as a business owner. Sometimes if you’re trying to support your friends businesses you might offer some advice that’s more like criticism, making too many negative remarks might make your friend question themselves. Instead always offer a positive word to go along with any advice you give don’t try to put them down and support them at the same time, instead be encouraging and helpful.

5. Offer To Volunteer

If there is one thing that businesses need its volunteers it doesn’t matter if you volunteer for 1 hour a week or every time they host an event, all of your support will be appreciated. Volunteering can also lead to paid opportunities, if you are interested in the industry that your friend’s business is in volunteer for them then consider asking about any future opportunities. Volunteering will help both of you out and it will show your friend how much you appreciate them.

6. Visit Their Events

If you are interested in their business or the industry it’s in then show up to some of their events, they might have a discount just for people who attend. Plus if your friend is hosting it they would love to see you again after all the time that has passed since last seeing each other.

7. Don’t Fake It

A lot of people will try to be supportive by pretending to like everything, this is something that can make or break a friendship. If you are not interested in the event or the industry don’t fake your way through it, instead maybe suggest another idea that might interest them both. Not only does faking it lead to people hating you it also makes the other person feel like they aren’t worth your time.

8. Be Honest

Bad news is better than no news, if you don’t want to be around them or their business then just tell them. It’s better to be upfront with them instead of avoiding them, consistency is key when it comes to friendship. If you don’t want to be friends with them or even around their business anymore just tell them, they will appreciate your honesty more than your fake support.

9. Offer To Help

If you are interested in hosting the event yourself instead of coming as a guest offer to help out. Your friend’s business is important to them and it’s important to you if you are interested in the events that they host. Don’t be afraid of being a little cheesy, most people appreciate a bit of enthusiasm. Plus if they don’t take your offer seriously at least you know where you stand with them and they will have no problem telling someone else their business is important to them.


When it comes to supporting your friend’s businesses you need to know when too much advice is just too much. It’s easy to offer advice but it takes real support if you want to be there for them through everything that brings their business down.

Offer some advice, give some opinions, and volunteer if you are interested in the industry.

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