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Whether you are currently building a product or just brainstorming ideas, it’s important as an indie maker to stay inspired. Reading, reflecting, and reaching out to other makers are all great ways to find inspiration and motivation. But what if you just need a quick burst of inspiration – right now? We went through dozens of websites and picked the ones we think are the best source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs or makers in need of a new side project.

1. Product Hunt

Let’s get this one out of the way. Product Hunt is no doubt one of the biggest sources of inspiration for many indie makers. It provides both business and creative-driven ideas, some which can turn into potential profitable businesses, other that just sound like something fun to build.

The big plus is the comment section, where you can quickly skim through reactions – or lack thereof. In fact, many good ideas are abandoned because they don’t find an audience on Product Hunt. Probably because their audience was not on Product Hunt in the first place. Their loss, your win.

If you want to hear about products and startups before they launch, make sure to regularly have a look at Betalist, which focuses on the pre-launch phase.

2. Udemy

The e-learning industry is growing, fast. Browsing Udemy or other e-learning platforms that allow you to filter by popularity is a great way to see what people are interested in studying at the moment. Keep an eye on these trends, and you could build a business around one of the most in-demand topics or skills in your industry.

3. Just For Fun

Inspiration doesn’t need to be all about business though. Some of the best ideas can seem silly at first. Some investors talk about “toy markets” to talk about markets so small that at first they look like toys. This is why websites such as Just For Fun by Neal Agarwal are so useful when trying to find inspiration. From the seemingly silly “toy” idea can spark a sustainable business concept.

4. Muzli

If you’re and indie makers who is more into design, Muzli has become one of the best sources of inspiration out there. They mine all the places that matter in design and technology, including Dribbble (also great), Mashable, and Techcrunch, to bring you the best design inspiration. And if you want to get it directly delivered to you, they offer an awesome Chrome extension that does just that.

Because I promised myself to keep this list down to five, here are some bonus ones in the design and photography category:

  • Awwwards – featuring some awesome websites created by talented designers and developers.
  • 500px – great gallery of photos from more than 15 million artists.
  • It’s Nice That – okay, I may be biased because I live right in front of their office and I see their logo every day, but they are one of the leading websites in the creative industry, and well worth a look.

5. Request for Product

If I may use a comparison here, all of the above websites are like smoking inspiration. What if you want it injected straight into your veins?

You can browse some of the more straightforward websites that literally tell you what to build. Request For Product is one of these. Built by Sharath Kuruganty for the Product Hunt Makers Festival, it sifts through Twitter to find people tweeting about products they wish existed. Such people include Ryan Hoover and Erik Torenberg.

Still not feeling inspired? You could just wait until you are.

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