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Whether you’re maker and want to create an MVP and test your product, or you already run an online business or work as influencer, or lead sales and marketing — there has never been better time to learn automations and no-code tools that can save you tons of time.

Here is a list of resources and communities for makers, entrepreneurs and smart people in general, that will help you do just that and so much more.


Built by Ben Tossel, a well known advocate of the no-code movement and a serial maker. Great resource for automation ideas, no-code tutorials and jobs for automation experts.


A series of video courses aimed at teaching you the concepts with some practical examples that you can apply directly to your business. Starter videos will give you a solid background for API, JSON and HTTP so that later on you can watch complete, practical projects such as launching a no-code MVP, creating a chatbot and more. (disclosure: this is my website)

No Code MVP

An upcoming course by Bram Kanstein on how to launch your MVP with no-code using some popular tools such as Zapier, Carrd, Airtable and more. As for now, still in the making.


A series of video courses on Bubble — a platform enabling you to create websites with business logic no-code. A lot of content for makers willing to put their entire product online based on the no-code approach. Not so much for automation and existing businesses.

Maker Mag and Trouble Maker podcast

Great resource for inspiration and getting the right mindset. Ran by Anne-Laure Le Cunff, a talented and prolific writer and maker. Anne-Laure is also a member of Women Make which is a place for aspiring female makers around the globe.


A curated list of no-code tools, projects and a community of makers that you can search through. Comes in handy while searching for other no-code tool or template.

Zapier Blog and Zapier Guide — How to Do Anything in Apps

Some great resources for both learning automation with Zapier, connecting the tools and getting inspired on what can be done with automations. Nice step by step tutorials, but best fitted for those who know what to accomplish and what services to use.

Webflow Blog

One of the best tools to create websites and ecommerce no-code offers a blog with many great articles and tutorials on how to build web apps without coding.

Shopify Blog

A popular platform for running an e-commerce business without coding but also a great resource of tactical articles, inspiration, ideas for a new business and more. Worth checking out.


A list of articles and other resources that might inspire you for another no-code project. Not so much learning oriented, but worth keeping in bookmarks.

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