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Just when you think you don’t need a lawyer in your life, you remember that you’ll still need their help when it comes to filling out paperwork in court on filing other legal documents. Fortunately, there are several online firms that provide the assistance you need to do different legal procedures including filing legal paperwork for your business. We hope this Legalzoom vs Nolo review will enable you to make the best choice!

If you want to set up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and you’d like to keep your expenses at minimum, hiring an online legal service can be a good idea. You can save up to $601 if you source your legal documents using an online service in place of taking on a lawyer. 

LegalZoom and Nolo are among the most popular of such websites. But it could take you much trial and error efforts to decide between the two. Instead of all the hustle, you can take a look at this review to determine which of the two can offer you everything you need without incurring all the exorbitant expenses that comes with hiring a legal representative.

Legalzoom vs Nolo Comparison

Here is a side-by-side comparison table between the two firms that can be of much help as you make the best decision for your business.

Features LegalZoom Nolo
Services and Products LLC formation, Corporations, DBA, Legal assistance and guidance Mostly a library of legal forms and books
Online Forms & Questionnaires Inclusive and detailed requiring a bit more time to complete Simple and basic, takes a few minutes to complete
Legal Help Include through mail, phone calls, constant support and monthly plan for legal guidance None
Awards Top workplace, Entrepreneur of the year and National Law Journal Book Award
Customer Support Through toll free call or email Through toll free call with above 150 different languages, email, live web chat
Reviews Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by around 16,969 verified customers Rated relatively fair by reviewers who post on business websites
Number of owners you can add to your LLC 10 or more Up to 3

Overview of Nolo Legal Services

Nolo was formed with the main aim of publishing and creating do it yourself guides. It was among the first established legal sites in 1971.  Later in 2011, it was integrated with other online legal sites which deal with general law and divorce cases; hence branded Nolo Network. 

With their slogan being ‘Law for All’, their main goal is making and dispensing general legal forms to clients. However, as much as it’s inexpensive, it can be unwise to purchase a legal form without adequate legal knowledge of its use. Consequently, Nolo has extended its services to online LLC formation.

Overview of LegalZoom Legal Services

For 12 years LegalZoom has been in business specializing in LLC formation, Incorporations and Doing Business As (DBA). It’s an attorney based firm that has helped millions of entrepreneurs.   They are known to strike a good balance between quality, great pricing and good customer service. 

When it comes to your LLC formation, LegalZoom offers you an all time customer support for any issue or question that may come up later. It has  a team of premium attorneys who continue to maintain and appraise all processes and documents such that they are always in compliance with the most recent legal policies.

Advantages and disadvantages of LegalZoom vs Nolo

Pros of LegalZoom

  • LegalZoom has a fantastic collection for giveaways like credit consultations, domain names, Google ads consultation, 14 days trial for corporate advice and primary account consultation.
  • They help you verify and complete all your legal forms and other relevant documentations
  • They offer a wide range of other valuable services at fair process such as compliance packages for business licensing and logo design services.
  • LegalZoom allows you to add 10 or more LLC owners.
  • They offer a Business Advantage plan for $7.99 per month, which is helpful if you anticipate having more legal work as you start your business.


  • They have a lot of up selling which comes with a lot of supplementary text
  • You’ll have to get their Business Advantage plan if you want to download a blank legal form from their site
  • Unless you have a subscriptions plan, it’s a bit expensive to get several legal documents

Pros of Nolo

  • Nolo allows an upfront with expenditures from the beginning and freebies for your legal needs.
  • They have a free section for legal information that covers essential things ranging from making a will to accidents and injuries.
  • It’s cost effective to use their services for a startup company.
  • They allow payment by checking account
  • With Nolo you can add up to 3 owners to your LLC


  • They up sell stuffs such as legal or tax manual from the start of the online procedures
  • Their questionnaires are very basic, making them inappropriate for business that needs an intricate LLC formation.
  • The number of their available online legal forms is limited

Ease of Use

Legalzoom vs Nolo: How Easy Is It To Form An LLC Using Online Legal Service?

If you prefer not to deal with business laws you never seem to comprehend legal jargon, LegalZoom can offer much help. They take you through a step-by-step process filing your business paperwork by providing you with a questionnaire.

The questionnaire has a useful feature that shows how most people answer such questions, which makes it even much simpler for first timers to answer the questions 

LegalZoom’s online form is more comprehensive than what you find on other platforms. It has a tab button that lets you convert an existing partnership or business into an LLC through easy steps. Answering their online questionnaire is a simple activity that takes you around 10-20 minutes. Your final filled document is delivered by mail.

When it comes to Nolo, they offer an online package for LLC that interviews users. They provide sequential instructions that users should follow whereas they handle the rest of the procedures. They file your organization’s articles, of which your LLC can be formed the same they do the filling.

Right from the beginning, nolo allows upfront with all their charges. That means they are a good starting point whenever you want to price your business’s legal forms. Their online questionnaires are easy such that you can answer them in 10 minutes.

Comparison: while nolo has the easiest questions that take less time to complete, their questions are shallow or basic, and they can only be recommended for setting up a straightforward LLC. LegalZoom offer more elaborated details and options in their questions; hence they can be used in complex situation


Legalzoom vs Nolo: Who Provides The Best Pricing And Payment Plans?

The economic package for LegalZoom costs $408.95, which includes LLC registration and filing. They offer a three months installment payment plan whereby they accept both credit card and debit card forms of payment.

As for Nolo, their economic package is priced at $407. This entails 6 months of being a registered agent and filing.

Comparison: Both LegalZoom and Nolo offer great quotes for LLC formation. Nevertheless, LegalZoom provides a greater value and more free services for their customers. Whenever you need a number of legal documents, it’s more economical to use LegalZoom.

Customer Service

Legalzoom vs Nolo: Which Of The Two Firms Offers The Best Customer Service Options?

For LegalZoom, their customer services operate Monday to Friday from 6.00am to 7.00pm PT and from 10.00am to 2.00pm PT on Saturdays. You can either call them (toll free) or contact them through email.

You can reach out to Nolo through a toll free call, email them or send a message via their live web chat. Support is offered in more than 150 languages, while an email response takes at least one business day.

Comparison: considering their toll free number, live web chat and available support in more than 150 languages, Nolo offers more incredible customer support than LegalZoom.


Both LegalZoom and Nolo are reliable online forms that enable LLC creation for clients who seek their services, including those with completely no legal knowledge. Such websites can assist you handle your legal documents for a fraction of what it would cost you to pay a lawyer, whether you want a straightforward LLC or to transfer an existing business to an LLC.

However, in case you’re on the lookout to access numerous legal documents or more composite forms, LegalZoom’s package is a wise choice from which you’ll get an excellent value for your money. Though their initial cost is slightly higher, the competitive services you get are worth it. They offer several helpful giveaway awards, plus subsequent legal support for all their issues that may arise after you initially hire them to set up your LLC.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who prefer excellent customer support, you can consider Nolo legal online services. On top of their email contact and free toll number that support many languages, they incorporate live web chat, a great platform where you can easily send a message and get a fast response. 

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