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Indie makers are usually very good at getting stuff done. But they often struggle to be mindful of their mental wellness. There are many VC-backed companies out there offering mindfulness products, but what about indie-made mindfulness apps? Here is a round-up of some of the most exciting ones.


This privacy-first journaling app was created by Kevin Nguyen to recover from burnout. Gekri is based on Blockstack, which allows the app to provide user privacy with data encryption, ownership and decentralisation. With a beautiful, simple design, the journaling app aims to help users better understand themselves, build a keystone habit, and achieve their goals to become happier overall. Read the full interview and more on why indie makers should keep a journal.

Gekri Screenshot

The Mindset App

Created by Chris Naoumidis, The Mindset App uses evidence-based hypnosis to help users feel less anxious. According to a professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, hypnosis is the oldest form of psychotherapy. You can build a personalised programme to focus on the most important areas of your life, with short hypnosis sessions on specific themes, such as sleep, motivation, relaxation, or productivity. The app is very well designed, with some gamification elements such as streaks. It’s currently only available on iOS, but the Android version is coming soon.

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Unwind was designed as a breathing companion by Kushagra Agarwal. It’s a refreshing, delightful, and distraction-free app offering guided breathing exercises based on your sleeping schedule. Sessions include “start your day fresh”, “relax and unwind”, and “sleep better and faster.” Voice prompts, gorgeous background scenes, mindfulness quotes, daily reminders, and the ability to sync with Apple Health: Unwind is packed with features to help you make mindful breathing a daily habit.

Unwind Screenshot


Built by Lucy and Rohan Gunatillake, two indie makers who happen to also be a couple, Buddhify is all about meditation on-the-go. While other meditation apps require users to find ten or twenty minutes of quiet, Lucy and Rohan designed a meditation experience you can do wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Another aspect of their business that’s different is the absence of an expensive monthly subscription. Instead, you just pay one upfront fee, and that’s it.

“We believe that the purpose of a good meditation app is to help you get to the point where you don’t need a meditation app. That goal of helping you become a creative, independent meditator is why buddhify has an upfront cost rather than the more common monthly subscription model. Subscriptions are great for investors, but not always for users who don’t want to feel dependent or trapped. We also prefer a low one-off fee since we believe that a good mindfulness and meditation app shouldn’t be something that only rich people can afford.”

Buddhify Screenshot

Teeny Breaks

And, of course, I need to mention my own contribution to mindfulness at work, with Teeny Breaks, a Chrome extension that reminds you to take mindful breaks and gives you tips to recharge so you can be more productive and more creative. I spend a lot of time in front of my screen, and needed a tool that would live where I work most: my browser. Each new tab features beautiful imagery and science-based mindfulness techniques you can use during your work breaks.

I hope you find these mindfulness apps useful. Go support an indie maker by installing one of them!

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