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Makers and indie startup founders are an incredibly transparent bunch. Between the open startup movement, documenting their lives, logging their tasks in public, and sharing their milestones for everyone to see, not much is kept secret. But what about the struggles? The parts that were not that easy to overcome?

To make yourself vulnerable is to show your strength. This is why this week we are sharing authentic stories from makers, including the fun, the bad, and the stressful. Other share their tactics to manage these anxiety-inducing situations indie founders are bound to deal with.


  • Tune in next week for a live podcast conversation with Paul Jarvis. We will discuss ways to build a Company of One. Plus, you could win his book. 🙂
  • Welcome to our sponsor, Blockstack, who have been valuable contributors to the maker community. We’re very excited to have them on board!


A couple of nomad makers: finding friends and side project profits – the second part of our series following the adventures of couple living life on their own terms.

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