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The indie products riding the newsletter wave

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Newsletters are going through a revival phase. Lots of people start their day reading a couple of their favourite newsletters. There’s not one week where someone doesn’t share a great newsletter they just found out about with colleagues and friends alike. In the age of social media, newsletters are a way for people to take control of the content they consume. Newsletters allow readers to curate content that fits their needs, without any of the noise found in a feed, and if necessary delete content that is not useful to them anymore.

There are even more and more people willing to pay for good newsletter content. Substack for example is thriving thanks to a generation of talented writers that are building strong relationships with their readers with quality content and a transparent subscription model.

As often, indie makers are the first to pick up on a trend, and we have recently seen a resurgence in newsletter products. Here are a few to explore so you can ensure you only read fulfilling content and keep your sanity.

Create a RSS feed with your favourite newsletters

We love newsletter. We love them so much that we sometimes become trigger-happy and click a little bit too quickly on that subscribe button, especially when the author has created some really good content to pull us in. And we love good content.

The problem? Our inbox rapidly becomes unmanageable, and we end up missing some of our favourite newsletters. What if there was one destination we could go to just to read these emails, away from our busy inbox? This is what Newsletter Hunt is all about.

Created by Baha Sagadiev, it lets you turn all of your newsletter subscriptions into one simple RSS-like feed you can read in one go. It also offers a directory of interesting newsletter to explore and subscribe to.

Receive the best of Reddit in your inbox

Addicted to Reddit and spending way too much time browsing random subreddits? allows you to get curated weekly emails with top posts and links on your favourite topics from Reddit. The two makers, Fabrizio Rinaldi and Francesco Di Lorenzo, designed a special algorithm to surface the best content, so you don’t waste your time sifting through posts to find something interesting to read.

Their two most popular newsletters are Tech and Self Improvement, but you can also subscribe to digests about design and entrepreneurship. Next step? Launching custom newsletters for an affordable monthly subscription.

Curve tech addition with curated newsletters

If your addiction extends beyond Reddit, give TinyFollow a try. Built by Charles Han for productivity and well-being, it allows you to create multiple newsletters based on specific topics so you can stay up-to-date without having to check multiple sources. You could for example get a newsletter with the best tweets from Elon Musk, the top weekly from Hacker News, job offers from HN Jobs, trending posts on r/entrepreneur, and latest blog posts from Paul Graham and Tim Ferriss via their RSS feed. TinyFollow is currently free for the first users.

Stop websites from opening your email client

Don’t you hate it when you click on a Contact Us link and Apple Mail pops up without a warning? Yes, same here. That’s why the aptly named I Hate Mailto by Arnob Mukherjee and Tekeste Kidanu Arnob had such a successful launch. For $1.99, get rid of this pesky behaviour. Instead, whenever you click on an email link, this Chrome and Firefox extension will copy the email address on to your clipboard and block the email client from annoyingly interrupting you.

Want more? To find more interesting newsletters to read, check Inbox Reads by Keenen Charles, which lists newsletters by topics and sends 7 great newsletters to your inbox every week – which is quite meta. If you actually want to clean up your inbox because you have subscribed to too many newsletters, there is Leave Me Alone by Danielle Johnson and James Ivings, which allows you to get rid of old subscriptions in a few clicks.

And if you want to take your own newsletter to the next level, give The Newsletter Guide a read. It’s packed with advanced information and tips to grow your list, make money, and more.

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