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26 newsletters by indie makers you should subscribe to

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The way we consume content online is mostly passive. We scroll down our feeds or see what others have liked. Luckily for us, another content format is back in full force: newsletters. Here is a collection of newsletters written by indie makers which you should subscribe to. GDDDFDNF62221231


Maker Mind — Getting my own newsletter out of the way. It’s a weekly newsletter about creativity, productivity, and mental well-being, all based on neuroscience.

Curious Humans — Written by Jonny Miller, this newsletter is a monthly nudge to take your curiosity more seriously. It features podcast interviews, interesting links, and Jonny’s musing about curiosity.

This is KP — Mindfulness, emotional leadership and maker lessons in a daily (!) newsletter by KP.


Marketing Examples — Subscribe to receive two well-crafted marketing case studies every week. Harry Dry has a unique writing style that makes case studies actually enjoyable to read.

Five Minute Founder — Written by Louis Nicholls, an expert in sales, this newsletter provides actionable, concise advice to improve your startup by 1% each week.

Steph Smith — A newsletter dedicated to remote work, continuous growth, and women in tech, written by an indie maker and remote worker.


Fresh Fonts — A curated newsletter featuring brand new, well-crafted typefaces from independent designers and type foundries, written by Noemi Stauffer.

DrawKit — James Daly shares free and premium illustration as well as animation assets in his newsletter.

Learn Invision Studio — A UI design and animation newsletter to mprove your skills with the best tools, tips, and tutorials, written by Bryan Zavestoski.


DiversifyTech — A weekly newsletter by Veni Kunche featuring resources and opportunities in tech. It includes upcoming conference scholarships, events, education scholarships, job opportunities, and more.

Frauvis — One of the very newsletters for black women in tech, written by Naya Moss. Jobs, career development, learning resources, and a strong community of mentors.

Society x Tech — A newsletter by Soyo Awosika-Lumo that explores the social impact of technology trends, with a hand-picked curation of articles, podcasts, and interviews.

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