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So many people use the internet to search for legal advice online. However, due to the rise of many websites that help people to deal with various legal situations, it is becoming a challenge to know which site is genuine. 

The good news is there are a number of well-performing and genuine companies, one of them being Nolo. Nolo main’s goal is to reduce the use of lawyers when dealing with simple legal issues. 

 So, what is Nolo? It is an online company that provides DIY tools to help you take legal situations into your own hands. It is also known as a home of legal forms, articles, and blogs. In other words, it provides access to eBooks, software, and books to help people make a judicial decisions on their own. 

Nolo is one of the most reliable and oldest legal service companies. It was founded in 1971. For the past few years, it has been working hard to expand its legal products and update the technology to stand at the top in the legal service market.

Essential Features Of Nolo

Nolo Products

Nolo provides a variety of DIY products such as legal forms, books, ebooks, and software products that are available for download. These products come complete with instructions to guide you when reading and filling out forms.

Nolo aims to produce high-quality products that cost a few dollars. With their products, you will be saving time and money used to hire a local attorney for the same services.

The Nolo site offers every form you might need. On the product page, you will find 32-legal categories. Products from various situations range from A-Z. For instance, you can get information about divorce, accidents, wills, and injuries. 

These legal products are easy-to-read and self-explanatory to help everyone solve issues without the help of a lawyer.  The books come in a print or ebook form, and the software can be downloaded. For instance, the landlords and the tenants can decide to download a lease form which includes state-specific information. 

LLC Formation Services

Are you planning to start an LLC business? Then Nolo will provide you with the legal services. All you need is to fill out simple steps of the necessary information about your LLC. Then, Nolo’s team will handle the documentation and filling process.

Nolo Software

Nolo uses advanced technology to create forms for estate planning. Accessing the software is easy. You will only need to install it and provide personal details and your current legal situation. Then the software will generate forms that are downloadable in PDF format.

Nolo Information

If you have issues with your business and human resources, rights and disputes, property and money, or wills and estate planning,  Nolo will give you a solution. It can help you come up with an idea of how to solve the issues, start an LLC or incorporate a new business.

Nolo contains a wide collection of free legal information. The information is accurate and up-to-date. It comes in the form of articles, blogs, FAQs, and research. The Nolo articles and blogs contain legal news and advice.

Legal Directory

Nolo is not here to replace the lawyers. It helps people solve simple issues by themselves. However, it understands that some problems are complex to handle without a professional. 

Nolo wants to be sure that you get the right lawyer to help you make the right legal decision. Thus, it will assist in evaluating a lawyer, depending on your needs. For instance, they can help you get one that matches your budget or location.


As you are aware, hiring a lawyer is quite expensive. Way more expensive than Nolo services Even though Nolo prices are budget-friendly,  the prices differ according to your needs. 

The biggest reason why people visit Nolo is to look for a professional lawyer. However, few need information that will help them take the issues into their hand. But their big worry is how much they will pay for the legal services.

Nolo comes with a basic LLC formation package of $99+start fee and a premium package of $299+start fee.  

If you want to get in-depth information on various legal issues, you can buy an eBook or legal book at $25-$40 depending on your issue.  Purchasing software ranges from $60-$90, and a form ranges from $1-$90 per year.

What are the benefits of using Nolo?

Nolo contains informational articles.

Nolo turns out to be a great company due to the rich legal information on its site. It contains thousands of articles and blogs authorized by legal professionals. The information comes in an easy-to-understand format that helps people to handle different legal tasks.  

Some people might think that it is challenging to find a specific law topic. But Nolo has made everything easy. It contains a legal encyclopedia that provides an easy way to get legal topics. Nolo’s site houses thousands of topics. Thus, you will be sure to get one that will help you to accomplish legal tasks.

Nolo provides a wide range of legal services

Dealing with legal issues is a challenging task. One can spend millions of dollars when looking for a lawyer but get one who will not help to resolve the matter fully. Whether you are looking for the DIY procedure of handling legal issues or searching for a lawyer, Nolo has got you covered. Being in the field for many years, Nolo understands how difficult it is to solve problems. That’s why it helps people get a professional lawyer who will ease the process of legal decision-making.

Nolo offers both offline and online legal services.

With new and advanced technology, many companies offer only the online legal services. Hence, it becomes challenging for one to find offline legal services unless one visits a law library. 

Nolo knows that everyone can encounter legal issues. That’s why it offers both online and physical legal resources. The resources are up-to-date and contain relevant legal information.

Nolo has reliable customer support.

Nothing feels better than relaxing, knowing that there will be someone to help anytime you encounter difficulties when solving an issue. Nolo has reliable customer support. Whether you are facing problems when downloading an eBook or locating a specific topic, Nolo support system will provide positive feedback. 

Nolo will help to save money.

Everyone wishes to get cheap and high-quality items. Although many people believe that cheap products are fake, you can still get quality products at a low price. The same case applies to Nolo. This company offers legal services at a low price. Right from downloading books, to accessing ebooks, and getting professional lawyers, Nolo assures of exceptional services. The cost of the services will depend on your legal issue.

Nolo will save you time.

Making legal decisions is not easy. Some issues are complex and can cost you many days to come up with a solution. Nolo has easy to access, books, eBooks, and software. You can easily download them for future reference.

Nolo will help you to access legal forms for real estate quickly.

The Nolo software generates estate planning legal forms such as will and living trust. The software supports Mac computers and windows, making it easy to download the forms.


  • Contains high-quality and up-to-date forms, eBooks, books, and information
  • Helps to solve all the legal needs
  • Includes legal information all in one place
  • Detailed information and advice for DIY legal work
  • Provides free searches for lawyers


  • The website’s pop-ups can cause disruption
  • The customer support system is not able to solve some of the issues, such as printing and editing.


Legal services are essential aspects for everyone, especially for small business owners. Every day, people face several legal hurdles. Legal issues such as protecting personal assets, handling employees’ contracts, sexual harassment lawsuits, and protecting the business against discrimination are some of the legal issues that most people face. 

Having a lawyer becomes expensive, especially for small business owners. Nolo is a self-service legal portal that makes lawful information accessible to everyone. The information embraces the do-it-yourself process, even in tasks that require professionals. 

Nolo’s legal services are useful to eliminate the cost of hiring a lawyer. Because Nolo has worked for years in the law field, it understands the different types of attorneys and the issues each can solve. They, therefore, strive to provide immediate access to lawyers spread across different geographical locations.

Every business owner requires a different kind of legal document. However, it becomes challenging to keep up with paper copies and forms. Nolo helps to ease each aspect of handling a business. 

It allows one to access the exact form that one requires at any time. Also, it helps to make sure that the forms are compliant with appropriate laws and regulations.

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