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Northwest Registered Agent Review

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Northwest Registered Agent is an indispensable company that has built a reputation for itself over the years. They’re renowned for being straightforward in providing Registered Agent services and LLC formation services for various businesses since 1998. 

Northwest Registered Agent offers quality services at fair prices. They strive to meet their client’s expectations at all times, which sets them apart from the competition. They are well suited for entrepreneurs who seek premium customer support, reasonable prices, and quick turnaround time.  

Northwest Registered Agent Services

Northwest Registered Agent provides two key services. These include:

  • Registered Agent Service 

This is the best service if you want to form your own LCC, but want to take on a registered agent to keep your address away from public records. It is meant for registered service only without including LLC formation.

  • LLC Formation Service

This service is suitable whenever you are seeking to hire a company for your LLC formation while you handle everything else. LLC Formation Service entails forming your LLC and one year free Registered Agent Service, after which it becomes $125 per year. 

When you hire Northwest, they become responsible for forming your LLC. Being your registered agent they use their address for your LLC filing, this ensures that your address stays out of public records. 

Northwest Registered Agent Packages

 Northwest Registered Agent provides three special packages that are tailored to meet the needs of various clients. Let’s see what differentiates the packages and what type of entrepreneur each one fits best.  

Basic package: $49

The basic package starts at $49. It is the best option for those who simply want to get one year of free registered agent services as they are comfortable creating and filling by themselves, so they can save money.

Once you purchase this package, Northwest verifies whether your name exists in your state, then files your formation documents. They handle your paperwork to incorporate a business and offer a year of their excellent registered agent service. You can use their official address for your business, as they receive important documents for you.

Deluxe package: $149

You upgrade to a deluxe package by $100 more than what you pay for a basic package. This plan entails all that there is in a basic package plus an operating agreement and an EIN or federal tax ID number. It is suitable for entrepreneurs who prefer not to handle paperwork for their businesses. 

On top of helping the government recognize you in matters of tax, an EIN helps you do other business-related things such as acquiring a bank account and hiring employers. An operating agreement outlines the functions of your business in regard to financial and managerial matters. 

Northwest also provides a corporate bylaw document that serves the purpose of an operating agreement for corporations. 

Premium package: $199

Adding an extra fee of $50 to a deluxe package qualifies you for a premium package, a package that comes with guaranteed same-day processing of your order.

This expedited package is necessary for those who’re in a rush to file their paperwork with the state. It’s good to note that Northwest has a sensibly quick turn around time even with the basic and deluxe packages.

What Makes Northwest Registered Agent Stand Out Among Other Companies?

Northwest Registered Agent is always careful about the level of services they offer to their clients, whether you want them to be your registered agent or form your LLC. Let’s unpack more details about other incredible features that make them conspicuous 

Great pricing with no confounding packages or hidden fees 

In Northwest Registered Agent, what you see is exactly what is offered to you. Their tagline states “we are just not annoying”, meaning that they offer implausible service at a good price. The company provides premium LLC formation and Registered Agent services at a great price.

Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t do any fishy business of up-selling their clients. Their packages are not confusing and they don’t trick you into incurring extra costs for things that aren’t even useful. 

They don’t trade your information to third parties

As opposed to some other companies that can sell your personal information for their own advantages, Northwest Registered Agent protects all information regarding their clients at all costs. 

The company doesn’t incorporate aggressive sales tactics to trade your details to other companies and masquerade it as a verified accounting consultation. With them, you can trust that your information is safe and you’ll hardly get marketing solicitations or unwanted spam.

  • Keeps off your address from public records

If you are a filer who is starting a business from home, your address gets listed on public records and Google searches. If you’d want your address to be off public records, you can take on Northwest to use their address at no additional cost. They scan every mail sent to you and upload it to your online account.

  • Top-notch customer support

Northwest Registered Agent is popular for having knowledgeable and obliging service representatives. Anytime you call, you talk to a friendly person who is super helpful and well acquainted to handle all your issues considerably.    

  • Free additional features

For both registered agent service and LLC formation service, you get additional features with no extra charges. This includes annual report reminders plus online accounting and mail scanning. They consistently send you an email reminder before your annual reports are due and scan your mail before uploading them to your online account.

Is Northwest Registered Agent A Great Deal?

Factors that work in favor of Northwest Registered Agent are far more than factors that work against it. It’s best suited for those who value customer support, and want instantaneous and high-level service anytime they place an order. However, they are definitely not the sole perfect choice for all entrepreneurs. Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of their services.


  • Fantastic customer support. They have professional corporate guides who are able to answer your questions effectively when you make a call.
  • Offer a good pricing deal with no sneaky hidden fees
  • Unlike other companies, Northwest Registered Agent takes the security of your information seriously. They write their own code, run their own servers, and don’t sell your information.
  • For any formation service package, they provide a registered service agent for a full year.
  • Their online reviews are generally positive.


  • There are other companies such as ZenBusiness that charges $40 cheaper than Northwest
  • Compared to other competitors Northwest has a lower volume of customer reviews, which is a priority to some entrepreneurs. 

  Northwest Registered Agent Rating Highlights

What matters most in regard to incorporation services is the value of their deal, reliability, customer support, ease of use and the time they take to process your order. Based on the criteria, Northwest scores an overall of 9/10. The pricing of this company is among the best and their services representatives are most helpful. Their customer reviews are also positive for the most part. Let’s see the highlights of their rating:

Northwest Registered Agent Review:Overall value and pricing: 10/10

There is no doubt that Northwest Registered Agent is a great value. It’s among the most affordable options you can get. Their packages are significantly less expensive for what they offer. Although Northwest is not a large company, they’re able to balance quality and value in all their services.

Northwest Registered Agent Review:Track record: 8/10

Northwest Registered Agent was started in 1998 in Washington. Its main goal is simplifying registered agent services and business formation to its clients. Since its foundation, the company has helped about 2 million businesses. Despite that its online reviews are not too many; the available ones are not only positive but also in line with the values and mission of the company.

Northwest Registered Agent Review:Customer service: 10/10

One of the biggest strengths of Northwest Registered Agent is its excellent customer support. Whether you make a call or send them an email, their proficient support team gives you an accurate response in the shortest time possible. 

Northwest Registered Agent Review:Simplicity of placing an order: 9/10

The main reason for taking on an incorporation service is to simplify your business formation and save as much time as possible. Northwest Registered Agent understands that perfectly, and that’s why it is quite easy and functional. Their application process is streamlined; you just choose your package, enter your details, and make payment.

Northwest Registered Agent Review Turnaround time 8/10

The turnaround time varies depending on your state. The estimated time displays on-screen when you choose your state while making an application. This generally varies from a few days to several weeks, unless you prefer a premium package that offers same-day processing.

Northwest Registered Agent Review Incorporated features 9/10

A major selling point is their free registered agent for one year when you form your business, and a subsequent $125 per year. Although they don’t provide so many extra features as other companies, their packages offer all that you essentially need.

Northwest Registered Agent versus LegalZoom

While LegalZoom is a brand name that’s most heard of, their services are not necessarily the best for every entrepreneur. Let’s look at a brief comparison.

LegalZoom start charges for LLC formation is $149 while Northwest starts at $39

LegalZoom’s Registered Agent service charges are $249; For Northwest that’s free for 1 year after which it’s $125 per year.

A base package for LegalZoom takes 30 business days to be approved while the same takes 3-5 business days in the majority of states when it comes to Northwest.

Customer support is quicker in Northwest and their personnel are more knowledgeable compared to LegalZoom’s. Several reviews even mention that some members of LegalZoom’s sales team are often aggressive.

Northwest Registered Agent Review Commonly Asked Questions

Here we look at some of the most commonly asked questions in regard to Northwest Registered Agent

What are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of Northwest Registered Agent?

The biggest advantage they have in the entire industry is their unsurpassed customer support. They are on another level that not most companies can match up with, considering that some competitors outsource their customer support from general call centers.

Their major disadvantage is that there are not enough features added to their $199 premium package to deserve the $50 cost increase from the $149 deluxe package. 

What is the Northwest Registered Agent refund policy?

They don’t have a precise refund policy, but they are known to give a refund if you send a request within 60 days after your purchase. They charge $25 for processing a refund, which is not worth much.

Does Northwest Registered Agent offer any discount?

Although they don’t have any specific discount, they do offer a number of discounts on their registered agent service. If you place an order for service in many states, they give a $10 discount for your 4th to 9th state, and an additional $25 discount for every state past that.

Which features should I buy if I use Northwest Registered Agent?

The feature you select depends on how much help you want with your business document and EIN. All are string purchases, and they have all fundamental elements.

Does Northwest Registered Agent assist with ongoing compliance needs?

Yes, you can count on them for your ongoing compliance requirements. They even offer a year of their great registered agent service for every incorporation and LLC package. They also provide annual report services for $100 plus state fees. 

Final verdict

We would recommend Northwest Registered Agent as one of the best companies that you can rely on for your Registered Agent services and LLC formation services. It has been a registered agent company for over 20 years, which shows they have much experience in what they do.

Among other things that make it conspicuous include having great pricing with no hidden fee or extra cost for scanning your mail and completely keeping your address off public record and Google searches. They are also known to have one of the greatest customer support, whereby you’ll always be impressed any time you call or email to ask a relevant question. 

Whereas they may not be well known in comparison to other same service providers like LegalZoom, this midsize company is very straightforward and does everything incredibly. The company can be trusted to offer fully operational, active and available services.

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