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Being an indie maker often means being more frugal than a full-time employee with a predictable income. But it also means more freedom, and the ability to work from anywhere. More and more indie makers decide to start nomading to explore the world while working on their business, sometimes freelancing at the same time. Nomading can also be a great way to keep their expenses in check. So what are the top places where to live as a nomad maker?

1. Canggu, Indonesia

With the highest Nomad Score on NomadList, Canggu is extremely popular with nomad makers. And it’s not hard to see why: fast internet, great weather, affordable cost of living, and many spaces to work from. The big plus is the community: it’s easy to meet fellow indie makers to hangout, brainstorm, and collaborate.

2. Budapest, Hungary

Many people associate digital nomads with South East Asia, but there are great spots for nomad makers all around the world, including in Europe. Budapest is a gorgeous city with lots of history and culture to explore. As with most of Europe, the internet is fast, with a good nightlife and affordable living costs. All the money saved can be used for weekend getaways in Europe.

3. Bangkok, Thailand

Despite its bad air quality and traffic, Bangkok is a favourite amongst nomad makers. The food is delicious, the weather is good – if not a bit humid – and the living costs are extremely low. And there are more and more co-working spaces opening all around the city to work for a day, a week, or a month.

4. Berlin, Germany

Few people would think of Berlin as a great spot for indie makers, but it actually has a thriving startup ecosystem which makes it amazing to meet people who are interested in tech and building businesses. Great quality of life, fast internet, plenty of options to work from. The only downside? It’s on the pricey side compared to some places in South East Asia, but not bad at all compared to the rest of Europe.

5. Seoul, Korea

I’m a bit biased as my sister lives there and is having a great time, but Seoul is a city I absolutely love. The nightlife is great, the food is good, the weather is hot, and the internet is incredibly fast. Plus, lots of beautiful hikes to take in the countryside during the weekends. It’s also a bit more expensive than other places in South East Asia, but it may be worth it to explore this crazy city.

To explore more great cities to live and work from, go have a look at NomadList, which offers comprehensive data on thousands of places.

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