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Being productive is important to most indie makers. Especially when they run several businesses at the same time. This is why there are many great productivity tools indie makers can use to make the most of their time.

Here are 15 tools you can use to improve your productivity, from functional music to automation services and ways to better schedule meetings.

  1. Blurt — A writing tool to compose efficiently, edit smartly, and stay on track.
  2. Noisli — A tool to improve your focus and boost your productivity by mixing different sounds and creating your perfect environment.
  3. Braim.fm — Another great tool for background music.
  4. Y Productive — Track the actual time spent on work and receive feedback on your productivity and distractions.
  5. Todoist — The ultimate to-do list. Perfect for teams and solo entrepreneurs.
  6. Google Keep — To take notes whenever you need to.
  7. Calendly — Easily schedule meetings.
  8. Lifelog — A unique journaling experience focused on remembering your ideas and goals.
  9. Zapier — Connect your apps and automate your workflows.
  10. IFTTT — Another good automation tool.
  11. Toggl — A great time tracker.
  12. Screely — Turn your screenshots into beautiful images. No Photoshop needed, which will save you lots of time.
  13. Goals by Google — Easily add your goals to your Google Calendar.
  14. Breeze — A simple project management tool to plan, track, and organize your work.
  15. Trello — The best experience for kanban boards.

Also, check out The Productivity Stack, which lists many productivity tools you can use to be more efficient in your work as an indie maker.

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