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Are you looking to file a DBA in North Carolina? Thankfully, Filing a DBA in North Carolina is easier then it has ever been in the past. Long gone are the days of standing in line at the county office wasting your precious time. In the last several years online filing has become all the rage as you can now file your North Carolina DBA from the comforts of your own home!

In a Hurry? You can File A North Carolina DBA with Legalzoom for as little as $99


4 Steps To Register A DBA in North Carolina

You can follow each step below to get your North Carolina DBA set within minutes.

Step 1. Check to Make Sure Your North Carolina DBA Domain Name is Available

In today’s world, most customers will find you through the internet. The last thing you want to do is go out and file your North Carolina DBA only to later find out the domain name you want is not available.

We highly recommend checking domain name availability through Namecheap.com, who offer very affordable site plans.

Step 2: Perform a North Carolina DBA Search

Once you have found a domain name that is perfect for your North Carolina DBA, you can then move forward to searching for existing names. You want to make sure you ideal name isn’t taken. The North Carolina DBA search can be done through the North Carolina Secretary of State.

Step 3: Register Your North Carolina DBA

Legalzoom is the fastest way to set up a DBA online. They have two packages; a $99 standard package and a $119 premium package.  Click Here to view on Legalzoom:


Step 4: Sign up for a Business Email

When you are starting a new DBA in North Carolina, it is important to leave a good first impression with your new clients. One way to do so is signing up for an email account that utilizes your North Carolina DBA name.

You can sign up for a custom email account through Google G Suite for as little as $6 a Month.

Why Register a DBA In North Carolina?

Registering a DBA (trade name) is a great way to have a recognizable name that can help make your business identifiable in the community.

What are the benefits of Registering a North Carolina DBA?

  • Versatility-If you already have a North Carolina LLC set up, You can use that LLC to have a variety of DBA’s
  • Brand Awareness- When you register a North Carolina DBA, you are able to choose a catchy name that is easier to remember, as apposed to a long form LLC Name.
  • Keeps You in Compliance-When you operate your business under a different name then your LLC, it is important to register that name to stay in compliance with all applicable tax laws.

When Should You File A North Carolina DBA?

It is best to file a North Carolina DBA after you file your North Carolina LLC. You can file your North Carolina DBA without filing your North Carolina LLC, but this is not recommended. When you operate under North Carolina DBA without a North Carolina LLC, you do not officially own the rights to your business name and you do not have the same level of legal protection you would if you were operating under a LLC. 

How Long Does It take To File A North Carolina DBA?

The normal time frame for a Ohio DBA to be processed is between 1-4 Weeks.

Do You Need a Tax ID When You Register A North Carolina DBA?

The IRS does not require a Tax ID if you operate as a Sole Proprietorship. If you operate as a Sole Proprietorship, you are able to use your Social Security number when you file your North Carolina DBA. If you file a LLC, you are required to file a Tax ID.

What is the Best Way To Name Your North Carolina DBA?

You can name your North Carolina DBA however you would like as long as the name is not trademarked. You can search the Trademark name site through the US Patent and Trademark Website.

Can I have Multiple North Carolina DBA’s?

A LLC can have multiple North Carolina DBA’s. If you file your LLC with the intention of operating one North Carolina DBA name, and then a year down the line decide you want to start a new product or service you are able to operate under the same North Carolina LLC. This will save you time in terms of taxes and headaches of operating multiple LLC’s.

Does My North Carolina DBA Need A Separate Bank Account?

If you have an LLC, you need to keep your business finances separate from your personal finances. Sole Proprietorship’s and Partnerships without North Carolina DBA’s are not required to open a business bank account.

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