Arizona LLC Formation Online From the Comfort of Your Home

Arizona LLC Formation Online

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Are you looking to file your Arizona LLC online without leaving the comforts of your home? Look no further as we break down the top options to help your Arizona LLC Formation online.

Not many people have time to sit through long wait times at the Arizona Corporations Commission office just to file paperwork. We walk through each step you need to take for filing your Arizona LLC as well as other tips you may want to take to set your business up for success all from the comforts or your home!

In a Hurry? Below are the top Options for Arizona LLC Formation Online:

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Checklist For Forming Your Arizona LLC Online:

Step 1: Perform Arizona Business Name Search

It is recommended to search the Arizona Corporation to make sure your intended name will be available. The last thing you want is to file paperwork for your Arizona LLC and realize that your name is already taken. The fastest way to search available business names in Arizona is through the Arizona Ecorp Site

Step 2: Determine if you want to use a DBA for your Arizona LLC

A DBA, or “Doing Business As” is a name that is used as a replacement for the LLC name. Some people use DBA names to conceal the identity of their LLC, while others prefer DBA names for branding purposes.

Another advantage of a DBA name is that you are able to file multiple DBA’s under one LLC. For example if your LLC Name is “John Doe LLC” your DBA name may be “John Doe Roofing” or “John Doe Siding” etc

You can file your Arizona DBA Online as well through Swyftfile.

Step 3: Make Sure your Arizona LLC or Arizona DBA Domain name is Available When You Set Up LLC In Arizona Online

Another common mistake people make when going through the Arizona LLC formation online process is that they get excited about their business name, yet they forget to check if that name is available for their domain name.

With a domain name you will need to purchase a hosting plan that is the “home” for your domain name.

Domain Names and Hosting plans are fairly cheap and you can check out available domain names for your Arizona LLC or Arizona DBA below at Namecheap.

 Search and buy domains from Namecheap

Step 4: Determine if you want to use a Statutory Agent for your Arizona LLC Formation Online

Many people have no problem assigning themselves as the registered agent for their Arizona LLC. On the other hand, some may prefer to have a third party registered agent serve as the designated person to receive all business related mail and paperwork for the Arizona LLC.


Having a registered agent can serve as another barrier to help shield your personal name and address from the LLC and is a main reason why many people elect to utilize a designated statutory agent during the Arizona LLC formation process. ZenBusiness offers registered agent services as part of their Arizona LLC services.

Step 5: File Your Tax ID for Your Arizona LLC Online

An Arizona EIN or Tax ID is required for your Arizona LLC.  You can also do this online very easily. We recommend IncFile.Com, Where you can Obtain your federal EIN electronically via email within one business day with

What is an Arizona Tax ID? 

A tax ID is an Employer Identification Number that is required for most business entities. It is the number the IRS uses to identify businesses with respect to their tax requirements. After you file your AZ LLC online, you should move forward to applying for your Arizona Tax ID as soon as possible.

Step 6: Get a Business Bank Account and Credit Card For Your Arizona LLC

It is very important to separate your business assets from your personal assets. After filing for your Arizona LLC online and Tax ID number, signing up for a business bank account is a must. This helps create personal asset protection for your Arizona LLC and it is important to use the business account exclusively for business related.

BBVA Compass has a very easy online enrollment process for setting up online business accounts.

Step 7: File Arizona LLC Operating Agreement

  • What is an Arizona Operating Agreement?

An Operating Agreement is a document used by limited liability companies that outline the business structure and financial and operational rules, decisions and provisions.

  • Do I need an Arizona Operating Agreement?

If you have two or more members in when you set up an Arizona LLC you should have an operating agreement. Unfortunately the majority of business partnerships do not go as planned and it is important to have a clear defined set of expectations between members that outlines expectations.

  • Where do I find an Arizona Operating Agreement Online?

There are several options to find an Arizona Operating agreement online. Legalzoom has the best online operating agreements from our perspective.

You can view Legalzoom’s Operating Agreement Options Here

What is the Arizona Corporation Commission?

The Arizona Corporation Commission is responsible for incorporation of businesses and organizations within the state of Arizona. There is not commissions in every state and Arizona is one of only 14 states with elected commissioners.

How to Perform an AZ Corporation Commission Name Search

The easiest way to perform the arizona name search is through the Arizona Corporation Commission website.

Benefits of Arizona LLC Formation Online
  • Save Time

The process at the Arizona Corporation Commission is not a pleasant experience. There are often long wait times and there is no staff to assist with any questions you may have on your paperwork.

  • Save Money

To form an Arizona LLC the cost is $50 for the normal filing process or you can spend $85 for an expedited filing of your Arizona LLC. You will be notified via email or in writing when your LLC is processed. The cost of filing in person vs filing your Arizona LLC online is virtually the same.

  • Get Everything Done at Home

Thanks to technology, filing your Arizona LLC online is easier then ever. In the past, LLC filing required you to go downtown and battle traffic just to get your Arizona Business started. In the last 5 years the process is much easier then ever to create Arizona LLC online.

Why Arizona Is a Great State to Register Your AZ LLC Online:

Arizona is a growing state that is among the top 5 for GDP growth and has been ranked in the top 10 state for business by the Chief Executive Magazine. The increasing population growth is a great sign for business and Phoenix has added more new residents in recent years then any other US city.

Arizona has great leadership with Governor Doug Ducey, who was one of the original Founders of Coldstone Creamery. Governor Ducey understands the importance of Small Business and has led the way in creating a pro-business climate.

Other Things to Consider After Creating Your Arizona LLC Online

  • Accounting Services

One of the biggest challenges small businesses face when they start to get clients and generate revenue in maintaining their books correctly. In the early days of your Arizona LLC, you should be focused on trying to grow your client base and not spending countless hours balancing your books.

Accounting is a time consuming aspect of small business, and it can be expensive if you outsource to a full-time accountant to manage your books.

We recommend utilizing an accounting software designed for Small Businesses. One of the best platform for small business is Freshbooks:


  • Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Business Logos










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