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It’s never easy to know when to let go when it comes to side projects. Should you keep pushing a few more months? Is it really worth it? Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

When you decide to stop working on a side project, there are several options: you could shut it down, or you could sell it to someone. Here are a few places where people buy and sell side projects which you could explore to let go of your current not-quite-right-for-me side project.

For small side projects

1Kprojects is a curated marketplace where makers sell their abandoned projects for less than $1000. You can add unlimited projects for free and get offers from prospective buyers. You only pay when you actually get offers – if your product gathers interest and you get enough offers, you can pay a small one time fee to unlock all existing and future offers for that project, and to be able to reach out to the buyers directly.

You could also give Side Projectors a try. They accept all types of side projects, from website to mobile app and even hardware products. Most side projects on sale fall under the $0-$1000 range.

For profitable side projects

Transferslot positions itself as a curated marketplace where profitable side projects founders can sell their product to our community of trusted buyers. It’s currently free to post as a user, and prospective buyers can pay a small fee to get early access to the latest offers.

For everything else

Not sure how much your side project is worth and if you should try and sell it in the first place? Pieter Levels created a handy tool to figure out exactly how much your side project is worth. In his own words, this calculator will help you figure out a base price to aim towards when negotiating selling your side project. You can then go and post it on more traditional websites such as Flippa.

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