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SharpSpring Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you looking for a detailed Sharpspring Review before you decide if the marketing software is for you? SharpSpring is currently one of the best marketing automation tools for agencies and businesses of all sizes. As a practical and famous business solution, you’re probably wondering if it’s the right one for you. This is what you can decide after reading our extensive SharpSpring review.

In this article, we’ll explain SharpSpring and analyze all its features. We’ll highlight the pros and cons, so you can decide whether you should join hundreds of businesses that chose to use it.

SharpSpring Review

SharpSpring isn’t the cheapest marketing automation tool. However, when you’re concerned with the success of your business, going cheap shouldn’t be your number one concern. You definitely want to get reliable tools that allow you to make the best value for your money. Nevertheless, efficiency always comes first.

It’s one of the most flexible platforms and tools on the market, and it’s still quite affordable, given the number of things you can achieve with it. It’s also available in multiple languages.

This platform is marketed as an all-in-one marketing tool that offers comprehensive business solutions. As a result, it provides an extensive list of benefits that you will gain access to once you decide to use it.

  • Marketing automation.
  • Email marketing.
  • Native or 3rd party CRM integration.
  • Landing pages building.
  • Web forms.
  • Visitor IDs
  • Analytics and reporting.

SharpSpring Features

These features allow you to customize your marketing campaigns based on the business needs and the requirements of your clients.

Marketing Automation

Instead of sending the same response to all inquiries, SharpSpring allows you to customize your response based on the client’s information and location.

These customized responses allow for better tracking of new leads and effective assigning to the workflow. The messages you send will guide your contacts along the buying process, as they’re designed to nurture them to move to the next step of the process.

SharpSpring allows you to visualize the buyer’s journey by building automation tasks. You’ll use the branching logic to anticipate the buyers’ behavior, depending on the action they take. As a result, you’ll be able to create the right campaigns that would nurture and respond to your leads, instead of following the same route with all buyers, regardless of their actions and behavior.

Despite being a handy feature, the workflow builder might not work smoothly. It might freeze; however, it will restart again with no issues.

Email Marketing

To have a successful marketing campaign, SharpSpring will provide you with all the necessary tools to create efficient emails that deliver your message to potential recipients.

Once you choose to employ SharpSpring, you’ll receive a library of email templates where you can drag and drop to create your customized emails. This is an excellent choice for all businesses because you don’t have to have previous experience with graphic design or programming skills.

All you have to do is to point and click to add or remove elements to create the smart emails that speak to your clients. Moreover, you can edit styles, move elements, and change images to make sure that you’re creating personalized emails that your prospects will respond to.

Personalizing your content helps you to create the right email marketing campaigns that cater to the needs of your potential clients. Your emails will be delivered to recipients based on their actions to guide them to the next process that ends up in a purchase.

SharpSpring allows you to use your own template or to choose a preset one from the platform using the elements that you find relevant. Everything can be edited and changed to cater to the needs of your business. The platform responds to the clients’ preferences, whether they’re reading your emails on a smartphone or a laptop. Images and content will look exceptional every time.

However, creating emails on SharpSpring can be a little bit daunting. It doesn’t work very well with Outlook, and you might not be able to fix the problems, unlike other platforms that are considered to be more user-friendly.


Customer relationship management is one of the most exciting features of SharpSpring. It allows you to customize your means of contact with clients so you can keep track of the workflow. The personalized messages will have a massive impact on how smoothly your work operations will go.

By creating follow-up emails, you can accelerate the speed of communication based on individual responses. All leads, activities, opportunities, and scores will be synchronized across your sales and marketing teams to make sure that data is available on the spot.

Using the drag-and-drop interface, you’ll be able to visualize the progress of every prospect as they move through the cycle. This will allow you to make informed decisions that contribute to the overall success of your business.

Moreover, you can use the 3rd party integrations to create comprehensive profiles for your leads and prospects by adding social links to allow for conversations on multiple platforms. You can use social media analytics to improve your relationship with your clients.

Despite being an interesting feature, it’s more or less what you can find on other platforms. Moreover, there might be some technical problems that might slow things down, just like other platforms that offer this feature. For example, it might be helpful if you could schedule and edit social media posts through SharpSpring.

Landing Pages Building

Without the need for complicated coding, the landing pages builder provides you with a tracking code so you can monitor every visit to your website. The point-and-click editor is a fantastic business solution that allows you to instantly add features to your landing pages without delaying business operations.

The user-friendly interface saves time and effort. No previous coding skill is needed, so it’s an excellent solution for small as well as big businesses. You can simply choose your layout and components, and your landing page will be ready to go.

SharpSpring helps you to save money and time because you don’t have to build your landing page from scratch. There are ready-made designs and layouts available, and you can simply mix and match to create the right landing page for your business and audience.

The layout you’ll choose allows for maximum engagement from the users, as you build a landing page that caters to their needs. A single landing page will help you connect with multiple audiences through the dynamic content and multiple tabs and features.

Moreover, you can use the same feature to direct your visitors to linked pages that will transform them into leads. There are funnel-templates available, or you can custom create your own.

Web Forms

Using SharpSpring’s forms, you can create a seamless experience for your website visitors. You can customize these forms with your branding and design standards to make sure that they will highlight the core of your business. However, if you’re not fond of the web forms on this platform, you can employ your most favorite form builder software.

By creating a custom field, you can add data points that will help your sales and marketing teams to understand the persona of the buyers and their behavior. Your forms can be instantly edited using the drag-and-drop interface that allows you to see how the website will look once you change these features.

You can also access the efficiency of the decision you’ve made by measuring, comparing, and optimizing form performance. The metrics you choose will help you see which landing page is offering most information, so you can make the necessary adjustments.

The automated web form filling software will accelerate the process of converting visitors to actual buyers as it minimizes the effort they need whenever they choose to visit your website. Data won’t have to be entered every time, and your visitors will have a seamless experience.

Visitor IDs

Most businesses are unable to track their visitors, who might turn to real buyers because most people choose to stay anonymous. They won’t fill in their information, and you won’t be able to track them for follow up emails that would help channel them back to your website.

SharpSpring allows you to track visitors to your website with the reverse IP lookup feature. You can identify the companies that visit your website and have access to names, email addresses, and phone numbers of people who have shown interest in your business.

Moreover, you’ll be able to keep track of your known leads as they return to the site for more information. Your sales team will be able to follow up with your known leads, offering them all the needed information. You can make sure that they have all their questions answered, increasing customers’ loyalty, and eventually optimizing the performance of your website.

Without even logging into SharpSpring, you’ll be able to track anonymous leads, opportunities, and high-value leads to your website. Sharing this information with your team will keep everyone updated. This platform grants you access to more details than any other web analytics tool, including IP addresses, views of important pages, and the search keyword that led these visitors to your website.


Without wasting much time or effort, SharpSpring allows you to start blogging and publishing posts that answer the questions of your visitors. The dynamic blog builder will allow creating the most appropriate blog for your potential clients to make sure that it speaks to them.

When your visitors connect to the content you post, they will get engaged and subscribe to receive more valuable content, and this keeps them loyal to your brand. The index page responds to multiple audiences, and you can easily edit images, text, and call to action tabs, so your visitors will find what they need.

SharpSpring offers a lot of cool templates that you can edit and customize to cater to the needs of your clients. The templates are responsive, so they will look the same whether your clients visit the blog on a smartphone, desktop, or laptop.

Moreover, you don’t have to monitor your blog marketing campaign because the platform allows you to automatically email your new content to subscribers based on your schedule. You’ll save time by scheduling future posts and publishing new content won’t take much time thanks to the various blogging tools that SharpSpring offers.

SharpSpring helps spread your content, and accordingly, your business by allowing readers to share your blog posts to their social media accounts. You can embed a social media widget in every post, which will eventually encourage your visitors to engage with your content on multiple platforms and will help enrich your CRM with the needed social details.

Analytics and Reporting

This feature allows you to track your success, so you can make the necessary adjustments to optimize your business operations. You can follow up on crucial statistics like clicks and successful deliveries and use the feedback to make changes that would improve your email marketing strategy and, accordingly, the outcomes.

As a comprehensive tool, SharpSpring delivers a lot of data. You can utilize information from email analytics, behavior tracking, campaign tracking, multiple device tracking, ROI reports, and other custom reports that facilitate making informed decisions.

Using this feature, you’ll be able to evaluate the real ROI of your combined marketing efforts so you can understand the details of cost and revenues from the very first moment a visitor visits your website.

Analytics will work offline, even if the sale takes place weeks or months later. As a result, you’ll be able to track all your business operations with minimum effort.

However, because there’s a lot of information involved, you might not receive the in-depth review you need. You don’t have a chance to segment data, so you might end up overwhelmed by the amount of information available that you’re unable to change to actionable outcomes.

How Much Does SharpSpring Cost?

SharpSpring offers a flexible pricing plan that you can customize based on the size and needs of your business. All plans offer unlimited support and a full set of features that can be used by an unlimited number of users, so you can expand on your business operations without enduring extra costs.

If you have 1500 contacts, you’ll pay $550 per month. For 10,000 contacts, you’ll pay $850 per month. For 20,000, you’ll pay $1250 per month.

These prices are available if you choose to sign up for an annual contract. However, month to month contracts are available.

Marketing agencies and enterprises have different pricing plans. There are currently more than 2,000 agencies using SharpSpring to deliver business solutions as the platform offers incredible support that will help you grow your agency revenue with only 1/10 of the cost of other competing solutions. Moreover, there’s special agency support that will help tackle all your problems as soon as they happen to guarantee a faster and more efficient response.

For enterprises, the plan offers a dedicated account manager that would be assigned on the first day of subscription. The account manager is ready to provide hands-on training so you can pick the right strategy for your business and help you implement it for the best results. The outcome is measured, and the needed adjustments will be taken to make sure that your business operations are working as planned.

Because you’ll have a dedicated account manager, response time is remarkably decreased, guaranteeing a seamless flow of business. As a result, SharpSpring rates high when it comes to customer satisfaction.

How Does SharpSpring Compare to Competitors?

Although SharpSpring is an innovative business tool, it’s not the only one available for your organization. Here is how it compares to some of the most famous competitors.

SharpSpring vs. HubSpot

HubSpot is an excellent business tool for small and growing companies that want to improve their inbound marketing techniques to increase traffic and ROI. SharpSpring does the same thing, but it’s more suitable for bigger companies and agencies.

HubSpot is pretty much basic, so it’s easy to understand and use. It’s more suitable for companies that have 100 users or slightly more. It becomes more expensive for bigger teams.

SharpSpring is more suitable for agencies and big companies with teams that contain more than 1000 members. It also offers special support to enterprises with no limit on the number of users.

SharpSpring vs. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is an affordable email marketing solution that allows all businesses, regardless of their sizes, to design and customize their email marketing campaigns. It’s quite easy to use and even offers free plans, so it’s suitable for growing companies.

SharpSpring, on the other hand, is a comprehensive marketing automation tool that offers other benefits like lead scoring that allows you to monitor your business operations more closely. Since it targets bigger organizations, SharpSpring provides better training for users, including in-person, live online, webinars, and documentation training options.

SharpSpring vs. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign is similar to SharpSpring as it’s a comprehensive CRM and marketing automation platform. However, the pricing policy of ActiveCampaign is more flexible. The price is based on the number of users, so you pay more only if your team grows.

Both SharpSpring and ActiveCampaign are practical to use as they offer a lot of available features that will allow you to improve your business operations as needed. However, SharpSpring might be more suitable if you already have a large number of clients that you want to reach on a regular basis.

SharpSpring vs. Constant Contact

If you have a small business, then Constant Contact will be the right tool to use. This intuitive business solution is an affordable business tool for small companies that have 50 users or less. The platform offers event management tools, surveys, and social campaign tools that you can use to reach a bigger audience and expand your business operations.

The level of customization is high and also guarantees that users will be able to use the platform with no previous coding experience. However, Constant Contact lacks some of the valuable features that you can only get with a more advanced tool like SharpSpring.

SharpSpring allows you to customize your email marketing campaign. Still, since it’s more suitable for agencies and enterprises, it will offer a set of features that smaller companies can’t enjoy with Constant Contact. These include lead scoring, search marketing, and visitor tracking.

SharpSpring Review Pros and Cons

Running through the features of SharpSpring, we’re able to summarize the pros and cons of this business tool.


  • Practical CRM and automation features that cater to the needs of growing companies, enterprises, and marketing agencies.
  • Gives access to an unlimited number of users on all plans.
  • Allows you to collect information about anonymous website visitors.
  • Delivers a lot of data for analysis and reporting purposes.
  • Brings and connects all your data in one platform, thus eliminating the need for any other tool.
  • More cost-efficient for larger teams.
  • Offers special support to enterprises with dedicated account managers who are ready to monitor and take actions as needed.


  • Unless you have a special marketing team or previous marketing experience, it will be a bit difficult to understand and master.
  • Some features might not work due to occasional bugs.
  • There’s no consistency between the designs of several tools, so you might take a little more time until you’re able to utilize it to the fullest.
  • Email building is a little more complicated than other platforms that offer the same business solutions.

SharpSpring Verdict

SharpSpring is an all-in-one tool that offers a lot of solutions to companies of all sizes. It has a comprehensive list of features that would help you optimize your business operations and maximize your workflow.

Upon first glance, SharpSpring might seem a bit expensive compared to other tools on the market. However, it’s more cost-efficient if you have a big team as it grants access to an unlimited number of users.

Due to its comprehensive nature, SharpSpring eliminates the need for any other business tool as it allows you to monitor and compare data to make the right decision. All your data is available on a single platform to help you optimize the workflow and increase your revenue. We hope this Sharpspring review will help give you clarity on if it will meet your needs!

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