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101 side project ideas for indie makers

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Many people want to become indie makers, whether to explore more creative projects or escape from their 9 to 5. But the hardest part is to get started: what project should I work on? What idea is the most likely to succeed?

The truth is that it is very hard to predict which side project will turn into a full-blown business. Success is based on a combination of luck, timeliness, expertise, and external support. With that in mind, here is a list of 101 side project ideas you can use to get started. Because with inspiration comes motivation.

There are quite a few of these I find very interesting, so please do get in touch if you are thinking of pursuing any of them.

  1. RSS-like app but for email subscriptions
  2. Service that automatically turns desktop websites into mobile websites
  3. Tool to make taxes easy to figure out for nomads
  4. Data-analysis as a service
  5. AI-driven art consultancy for first-time buyers
  6. Help people get rid of an addiction (smoking, gaming…)
  7. Micro-learning product
  8. Sports coaching videos for kids
  9. Monthly emails featuring interviews of 13-18 teenagers
  10. Universal file format converter
  11. Platform to find the best tailor around you
  12. Maker news aggregator
  13. Craigslist for human billboards
  14. CRM for X
  15. Collection of the best places to get an online degree
  16. On-demand royalty-free / low-cost photos
  17. Business name generator
  18. Finance platform for people who hate finance
  19. Podcast
  20. Service to find great designers
  21. Movie finder for couples
  22. Niche chatbot
  23. Email digest of social media updates
  24. Platform to find a ghostwriter
  25. Community of people passionate about X
  26. App for makers to track their finances and expenses
  27. Slack bot to book meetings
  28. Database of ethical brands
  29. Random generator of self-care tips
  30. Platform to find the best caterers in your city
  31. Course about a topic you’re knowledgeable about
  32. Ebook
  33. Platform to find personal stylist
  34. Truly automated bookkeeping
  35. Goal-based book recommendations
  36. Website to browse recipes based on dietary restrictions
  37. App to learn how to DJ
  38. Platform to find a music instructor
  39. Tool to create logos without using any of the free icon libraries
  40. Platform to exchange honest reviews
  41. Private-labelling on Amazon (not our fave)
  42. Marketplace for makeup artists
  43. WordPress website done-for-you service
  44. App to decide what career path to follow
  45. Service to proofread blog posts
  46. Platform to find the best gym membership for you
  47. Blog installation as a service
  48. Mentorship platform
  49. Find freelancers that don’t suck
  50. Hiring platform for bartenders and waiters
  51. Platform to find voice artists
  52. CV review for senior candidates
  53. Translation services for technical content
  54. On-demand filters for Instagram and Snapchat
  55. Wikipedia for X
  56. Niche job board
  57. Deals for makers
  58. Chrome extension
  59. Marketplace for wedding planners
  60. Random quotes generator about X (can be a Chrome extension)
  61. App to help makers create a habit
  62. Automated online examination system
  63. Top 100 products in X category with affiliate links
  64. Flat-rate design service
  65. Monthly box subscription
  66. VR game
  67. Solide voting/polling platform
  68. App to become better at public speaking
  69. Smarter bookmarks manager
  70. Content writing as a service
  71. Automated invoice chasing
  72. Platform to recruit paid ads specialists
  73. Fake news detector
  74. Design and produce corporate merch products
  75. On-demand WordPress plugins
  76. Platform to get feedback on a landing page
  77. Podcast editing platform
  78. Handwritten cards for nerds you love
  79. Weekly email with 5 brandable fixed-price domains
  80. Better surveys
  81. Thoughtful comments plugin
  82. Platform to find tour guides in any city in the world
  83. Marketplace for side projects
  84. Tool to learn how to recycle
  85. API to insights service, e.g. Google Analytics data to actionable insights
  86. Simple habit tracking tool
  87. Platform to match brands and ambassadors
  88. Analytics for makers
  89. Website for livestreamers to connect
  90. Tool to better manage newsletter content
  91. Live database of unexpired coupons
  92. Knowledge base of preventative healthcare solutions
  93. Card-based tool to improve memory
  94. Learn X in 10 minutes platform
  95. Tool to figure out where to buy a house
  96. Voice app for Alexa or Google Assistant
  97. Project management for X
  98. Virtual book club
  99. Knowledge sharing platform between marketers and engineers
  100. Intranet for remote-first companies
  101. Automated validation of business ideas (haha)

Still looking? We have listed more ways to come up with side project ideas.

Happy making! ?

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