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Ultimate SpyFu Review

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Business is a huge game where endless players compete to come up with the best products and services. Whether you’re new to the game or have been playing for years, you can always benefit from knowing more about your competitors.

Needless to say, there are many ways you can look up how your competitors get their work done. However, we found out that one service, in particular, seems to stand out more than the others.

This is why we present the ultimate SpyFu review to you. We’ll discuss its key features, how it works, and how you can use it to your advantage.

General Spyfu Review Features

Before going on about how SpyFu can be amazing to your business, we’ll discuss its features first.

SpyFu Review: Mistake-Proof Keyword Search

The first thing that SpyFu gives you when you enter its website is a search bar to type in your competitor’s website.

Then, a new page will appear, showing an analysis of everything they’ve been up to. You should find a breakdown of every profitable keyword that they used, and every place they appeared on Google.

Not just that, you’ll also see all the keywords that they’ve bought on Adwords. You can find all this data and more within the last 12 years.

Spyfu Review:Detailed Analysis

You can spend hours trying to analyze the data you’ve discovered. But SpyFu has you covered when it comes to that.

It shows you the detailed analysis for both SEOs and pay-per-click keywords. This way, you’ll understand what worked for them, and which marketing formula was more successful.

Spyfu Review: Historical Comparison

The fact that you can find 12-year data of your competitors’ online activity can be beneficial on many levels.

First of all, you’ll be able to notice the mistakes and errors that they’ve faced. The helpful reports presented by SpyFu will show you what your competitors did wrong.

In addition to that, you’ll learn how they corrected their path. By watching their progress and the methods they’d used to fix their mistakes, you’ll find ways to fix yours as well.

Helpful Guidance

This is another nice feature that you’ll discover when using SpyFu. It puts together a report that recommends keywords that you should buy.

How does that happen, you ask. This is based on a deep analysis of the most profitable keywords that work for your competitor’s favor.

SpyFu Review: Data Exportation

Once you’ve found all the data you’ve been looking for, you can easily get a copy of it. By using the Export tab, you’ll be able to download it as a spreadsheet or a PDF.

This way, you can have everything analyzed and ready for later inspection. Also, you’ll have the most recommended keywords for future marketing campaigns.

Adwords Advisor

Besides the obvious benefits of SpyFu, this feature could help you a great deal. When using this tool, simply type your website’s URL.

After that, Adwords Advisor will suggest the most effective keywords for you. Of course, this is also based on your competitor’s analysis and its history with certain keywords.

The Best Backlinks for Certain Keywords

This is yet another helpful feature that you can use to your advantage. As you might know, using the right keyword backlink can take so much time and effort. Not only is it time-consuming, but it might not be as high-quality as you’d want.

By using this feature, you’ll have several recommendations for the best backlinks for your keywords. Most importantly, all these results are indexed by Google.

This way, you know you’ll be picking a safe backlink that won’t get you into trouble later.

Track Your Own Ranking

Not only can you use the Adwords Advisor tool to get keyword suggestions, but you can also search your website. This way, you’ll be able to see where you stand.

By getting an unbiased analysis of your digital marketing, you’ll understand what you’re doing wrong. Therefore, after closely watching your competitor’s approach, you can improve your performance.

As a result, you’ll be able to increase your website traffic.


If you’re considering giving Spyfu a shot, you should also learn about its few drawbacks. While they might not appear as dealbreakers, they might help you when you make your decision.

SpyFu Review: Might Be Expensive for Small Businesses

While using SpyFu can be beneficial, the price might be a problem if you have an agency of two or three.

However, this might not be a problem as small businesses grow. As they gain more experience in the industry, they’ll be able to afford this service to improve their work.

Can Be Difficult to Use in the Beginning

While many users admire Spyfu for its ease-of-use and direct interface, some thought it was overwhelming.

With many tools, options, and tabs, you might take a while until you get used to the way everything works. After the first few times using it, you should get a better hang of it.

Limited Free Version

If you plan to try the 30-day money-back trial, you won’t be able to access all the incredible features of SpyFu.

You’ll only be able to get limited data until you choose one of the three subscription plans. After that, you can have all the in-depth research that you’ve been looking for.

PPC Detail Limitations

The last drawback we’ll point out is that SpyFu uncovers PPC details of AdWords only. Therefore, you won’t find any details about other networks like Facebook for example.

Factors That Make Spyfu Stand Out

While many websites offer the same features, SpyFu seems to shine brighter. In this section, we’ll give you a few reasons why this is the case.

Combination of Quality and Price

It isn’t easy to find a service that combines these two major points. With SpyFu, you can have all the data about your competitors at a more affordable price than most services.

You can subscribe to one of three plans: Basic, Professional, and Team. Each one of these plans gives you access to all SpyFu data. There are only several extra points that make them different from each other.

For example, the Team plan offers you 5 user logins to better suit the use of an entire team. But other than these minor additions, these plans are almost the same.

Different Overview Modes

Say you’ve typed a competitor’s website into the search bar and got the desired data. SpyFu will then give you an overview of the analysis, but what if you don’t want to go into so much detail yet?

That’s fine because you can change the overview mode according to your needs. If you want the major points only, simply adjust the view using the helpful tools that SpyFu gives you.

The ‘Kombat’ Tool

This spectacular tool allows you to compare your performance to other domains. This way, you’ll see where you stand, and what differences there are between your techniques and the ones of your competitors.

Tutorials and Guides

Here are more reasons to choose SpyFu over any other service. They have helpful step-by-step guides written specifically for you. Whether you’re still a beginner at online marketing or have been around for years, you can use them to up your game.

Also, they have everything covered in their video tutorials. If you have questions about their features or how certain tools work, you should find them answered in these short videos.

In addition, you’ll find a glossary on their website if you’re still not familiar with the terms of digital marketing.

Membership Perks

This point is also worth noting. As well as all the great tools that you’ll have at your disposal, you can enjoy other services for just being a member.

For instance, you can get discounts on products. Also, you’ll find many offers and services by companies in association with SpyFu. These tools include Versium, DigitalMarketer Lab, and more.

Your Guide to Using the Most Popular SpyFu Tools

In this section, we’ll steer you through some of the most sought-out SpyFu tools. Instead of spending too much time trying to get used to how everything works, you can take the easier route.

Using the Overview Tab

The first tab you’ll come across when you start exploring SpyFu is the Overview tab. As the website claims, you can use this tab to get a better insight into your competitor’s ‘online strengths and weaknesses.’

As soon as you type in their website, you’ll find results that should contain the following.


  • Your competitor’s ranking wins and losses
  • The history of their ads
  • Where their SEO and PPC strengths lie

There is another way to take advantage of this tab. By searching a certain domain, SpyFu will show you other competitors that you might not have paid attention to. After that, you can have a full analysis of their online activity as well.

Using the SEO Research Tab

This is the second and one of the most popular tabs you should find on SpyFu. Instead of only having an overview of your competitor’s techniques, more tools can provide you with more data in-depth.

After you search for a company’s website, these tools will give you details on its most compelling SEO insights. So, instead of just watching their performance, you’ll be able to understand how their SEO strategies work.

Under this tab, you’ll find more subsections. These tabs include SEO Overview, Kombat, SEO Keywords, and Backlinks.

Each one of these tabs will guide you through your competitor’s SEO approach from a different perspective.

Using the PPC Research Tab

This tab allows you to focus more on a website’s PPC workflow. By using the multiple tools provided under this tab, you’ll be able to have a clear idea about the following points.

  • The site’s paid keywords and ad history
  • The strongest and weakest keywords
  • The site’s ad copy and keyword groups

You can also use this tab to research your own website’s PPC details. It’ll show you the best possible keywords that your site needs.

Same as the previous tab, you’ll find many subsections for more thorough PPC research.

Using the Keyword Research Tab

Say you successfully chose the right keywords that other SpyFu tools have recommended. Now, you might struggle a little with high-quality data related to these keywords.

However, SpyFu is full of tools that don’t seem to miss a thing. When you explore the Keyword Research tab, you’ll be thrilled to know that all the data can be at your disposal.

First, you’ll have to enter a certain keyword into the search bar. The search results will show you years of history about it and what domains stood at the top of the rankings.

Also, you’ll be able to see all the metrics for both SEO and PPC.

What we find fascinating is that this tool will break down related questions and other transactional keywords. Thus, it can be an effective tool when trying to come up with unique, original content.

Using the Backlinks Tab

Honestly speaking, the backlinks builder has to be one of our favorite SpyFu tabs. We’ll tell you why.

As you know, coming up with great content requires high-quality data to back it up. Failing to link to such important sources won’t help you get a proper ranking for your chosen keyword.

This tab should help you in so many ways to achieve that.

  • Uncovers links that help other successful sites rank
  • Discovers important links that you and your competitors have in common
  • Let’s you control the sources to find the type that you’re looking for

When you use this tool, you can either type a domain name or a certain keyword into the search bar. Either way, SpyFu will come up with all the data that you’ve been missing.

Using the List Builder Tab

This interesting tab might come in handy in many ways. With the List Builder tab, you’ll be able to keep track of the highest-ranking domains under categorized lists.

For example, you’ll see the domains that spend most on AdWords, their ranks, and their monthly budget.

You’ll find other lists as well. The ranking in the following lists is measured with SEO clicks.

    • Domains with the most organic (SEO) traffic
    • Highest-ranking companies with phone numbers
    • Highest-ranking domains with email
    • Companies with social media


  • Companies without social media

This is only an example of the lists you can find under this tab. You might be wondering, how are these lists relevant to my business?

The answer is that keeping track of how all these companies rank should help you with your search. For example, you can pick up some of the highest-ranking companies, then research their marketing methods later.

This way, you’ll be able to educate yourself step by step by watching how the big guys do their work. The more experience you have in this field, the better your marketing techniques will become.

Under this tab, subsections contain more detailed lists. You can look up keyword top lists, custom lists, and more.

Using the Tracking Tab

Let’s say that you’ve done proper research on keywords using the previous SpyFu tools. Now is the time that this tracking tab should take the lead.

It provides you with simple ways to keep track of your chosen keywords. It should keep you weekly updated on other companies’ keywords besides your own.

Once you start a project using that keyword, this tool will provide you with charts to see how your work did after using it. Using these accurate results, you can either keep up the good work or find other ways to improve your performance.

In addition to these weekly reports, this tool offers you short-cuts across the site to save convenient keywords. It can also allow you to organize your chosen keywords in groups to match your needs.

There seems to be no end to the awesomeness that SpyFu promises.

Using the Reports Tab

The last tab you’ll come face-to-face with is the Reports tab. As the SpyFu site claims, this tool will give you detailed reports about the data you’ve already searched for.

Not just that, it can give you an estimation of how a certain ranking links to value. To make it clearer, it can convert the number of clicks to profit in dollars.

Also, it can help you in the future. By suggesting more keywords and tying them to their value, you’ll always know the next step in your marketing project.

This tool offers you constructive criticism as well. It’ll notify you of weak keywords that you’ve bought. This data is based on a deep analysis of your competitor’s marketing campaigns. If they stopped using these keywords for better ones, you’d know right away.

SpyFu Review:Frequently Asked Questions

How does SpyFu get its data?

SpyFu depends on the technology provided by Velocityscape, which is a software company. This technology is called web scraping.

To put into simple words, web scraping is the extracting of large amounts of data about a certain website of your choosing. After gathering this data, you can easily store it on your computer for later use.

How accurate is SpyFu?

According to the SpyFu official website, most of their data is backed up and cached.

However, the accuracy of their data depends on the website that you’re spying on. If it’s not popular or big enough, you might not find the data you’ve been looking for.

Why is online marketing important for my business?

If you’re not already invested in online marketing, the following reasons should convince you.

More Convenient

Putting your products or services for anyone to search for around the clock comes with many benefits. For starters, you won’t have to worry about open hours or staff issues.

Also, it allows customers to browse your products in-depth. They’ll pay attention to every detail. So that when they click the Buy button, they’ll be fully convinced of how much they want it.

SpyFu Review: Easy on the Money

No one could argue that the amount of money spent on regular marketing campaigns is high. This isn’t the case with online marketing.

Also, you won’t have to worry about rental details or maintenance of outdoor marketing outlets.

SpyFu Review: Bigger Coverage

If you look closely at statistics, you’ll find that as of 2017, there were about 3.9 billion internet users worldwide. We’re pretty sure that this number is more than enough to convince you of how far the internet reaches.

With these facts in mind, you have a wide network of people who can view your products. With no distance boundaries, you can sell your products anywhere in your country.

In addition to that, you can even ship products internationally. After making sure that they follow international requirements, anyone can order them anywhere.

SpyFu Review The Growth of Social Media

Most people can’t start their days without checking their news feed on social media platforms. With this knowledge, you can use social media marketing to your advantage.

It can be as easy as targeting specific groups of people with your product ads.

Wrapping Up the SpyFu Review

Now, you probably realize how online marketing can do wonders for your business. With that in mind, it isn’t hard to see how using SpyFu can help you out.

There are many things that we found remarkable about this website. First of all, you can track your competitor’s online marketing methods. This includes all the data about their paid ads, SEO approach, rankings, and more details.

Also, you can use it to track your site’s performance and compare it to other sites. Not only do SpyFu tools let you know where you rank, but they can also give you advice. This advice includes picking the most powerful keywords and dropping the weak ones.

Lastly, we admire the effort SpyFu makes to please its users. It provides member-only offers that might suit your marketing needs. Plus, you should find helpful videos and guides to keep you from getting overwhelmed with all the tools.

All that being said, you should give SpyFu a try and witness its greatness with your own eyes.

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