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Swyft Filings is relatively new to the LLC formation service industry having been established in 2012. However, in the short time, they have been in operation, they have helped many people set up companies easily, efficiently, and affordably. So far, they have already served thousands of businesses and have managed to slice out a significant share of the market for themselves in a very competitive industry. We put together this SwyftFilings review to give you a background on the company.

SwyftFilings Review Packages

Swyft Filings offers three LLC formation packages each with different features and price points. The choice of which package to go for largely depends on your needs. It is good to note that the company does not offer registered agent service in their packages. 

Basic Package- $49 + State Fee

This package is ideal for someone who is looking for minimal assistance in setting up their company. At $49, it is one of the most affordable in the market today. The package includes the following features:

  • Company name availability search: Swyft Filings searches through the official business database of your state to ensure that the name you want to use for your LLC has not been claimed by any other companies. 
  • Preparation and filing of articles of organization or incorporation: They will prepare these formation documents for you, and then file them with your state government.
  • ComplianceGuard Company Notification System: Swyft Filings have a corporate compliance tool, which keeps you informed on important dates and deadlines. This feature will help you keep track of filing deadlines and also allow you access to your formation documents on their website. 
  • A free domain name for a year: They will provide a free website domain name for your business for one year, after which you will be required to pay a fee of $20/year or less.
  • Customer support: Swyft Filings will provide lifetime support for your business through phone and email and you will even be assigned a personal business specialist. 
  • Business tax consultation: This package also allows you a 30-minute consultation session with an accounting company to discuss tax and other accounting-related issues. 

Standard Package: $149 + State Fee

It includes everything on the basic package plus the following;

  • Federal tax ID number (EIN):  This feature relieves you of the inconvenience of having to obtain your own EIN from the Internal Revenue Service. The EIN is important as it will enable you to open business bank accounts, hire employees, and pay business taxes among other things. 
  • Banking resolution: This is a document that will enable you to open a business bank account. However, with the EIN, this is not necessary. 
  • Company Minutes: Swyft Filings will provide a document with an outline for your official first business meeting. This is helpful if you want to have a meeting before you open your LLC but it is not mandatory. 
  • LLC operating agreement: Swyft Filings will provide a draft document for you that will indicate the ownership and governance guidelines and structure of your company. 

Premium Package: $299 + State Fee

This package combines everything from the Standard package with the following additional features:

  • Digital business kit: This is a symbolic feature that includes a digital ‘seal’ with your company information, customized certificates, and a ledger to track ownership. 
  • FedEx shipping: The other two packages have USPS first class mail, but this package upgrades this to FedEx, and you also get a tracking number.

SwyftFilings Additional Features 

Swyft Filings does not include registered agent service in any of their packages like other companies do. You can acquire it for an additional cost of $149, which is a big added expense considering that most of the other online formation service companies offer this with their packages at no extra cost. Alternatively, you can opt to get it from one of their competitors at a lower cost.

Also, if you wish to receive their annual report service, you will have to pay an extra $99 plus the state fee. Besides, you do not get an operating agreement or an EIN with the basic package and have to pay an extra charge or upgrade to the standard package. 

SwyftFilings Price Points

Swyft Filings offers very competitive pricing for their packages. Their basic package which costs only $49 is among the least expensive in the market. The other packages are also affordably priced. 

Also, you do not have to pay these costs at once. You are allowed to do it in two installments, which is considerate especially for new businesses that may not have so much money to work with in the initial stages. 

Turnaround Time

You are guaranteed the same-day filing for all your documents as soon as you make your order. However, this does not guarantee faster processing at the state government, but Swyft Filing will provide you with a rough estimate for your state. Also, for a small additional fee, they can expedite the processing for you. This allows you to set up your business in the fastest possible time. 

Money-Back Guarantee

Swyft Filing will refund their service fees if you are not satisfied with their services. They also do not charge a cancellation or processing fee as other companies do. Theirs is arguably the best refund policy in the industry. Fortunately, this is an extremely rare occurrence because of their high customer satisfaction scores.

Customer Support

Swyft Filings’ customer service is excellent. The company offers timely and quality customer support via phone and email. Each customer is also assigned a personal agent so you do not have to wait in a pool of emails or phone calls. In most cases, they respond within 24 hours, which is one of the fastest response times in the entire industry. 

Also, they have a high rating of 4.45/5 on, an independent customer review site. There are over 20,000 thousand positive reviews from their clients online, which reflects their excellent customer service and engagement. In most of these reviews, clients express their satisfaction with the strong support they receive. From the feedback, you can tell that Swyft Filings takes client concerns seriously. 

Ease of Use 

Many clients have mentioned that it was easy for them to set up their new companies with Swyft Filings. Their signing-up process is very short and easy. It takes about 15 minutes to complete as long as you have all the required information.

The dashboard that clients use after forming also stands out compared to other companies.  It has all the required resources and is organized in a user-friendly format. 

Publication Services

It is a requirement in most states for you to publish the formation of your company in a regional newspaper. Swyft Filing goes the extra mile of assisting with publications in those states that require it. However, most of the other LLC formation service providers do not.

Help With Ongoing Compliance Requirements

To avoid falling afoul of the law, it is important to ensure that your business complies with important filing dates and deadlines. Swyft Filings helps in this regard with their ComplianceGuard company alerts which ensure you stay informed. However, as has been mentioned earlier, Swyft Filings does not offer registered agent service and annual report service with their packages and so you will need to spend an extra amount for these services. 

Track Record

The fact that Swyft Filings was established in 2012 makes them a rather recent entrant to the online incorporation service industry. However, going by the large volumes of positive customer feedback, it is safe to say that they have an impressive track record. This is one of their biggest strengths. 

Comparison with LegalZoom

LegalZoom is the market leader in this industry and so it would be good to look at how it compares to Swyft Filings. The biggest advantage Swyft Filings has over LegalZoom is the affordable pricing of their packages. Their $49 base price point is $30 lower than what LegalZoom charges. This is a huge difference and yet the packages are almost similar in their features. Also, Swyft Filings has a faster turnaround time and can process orders in less than 7 days while LegalZoom can take twice as long. Swyft Filings also has the upper hand when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

Pros and Cons of Swyft Filings


  • Fast turn-around times
  • Affordable price points for their packages
  • Great customer reviews
  • Offers publication services
  • Ease of placing an order, 15 minutes at the most


  • No free registered agent
  • Most of the features are offered through third-parties. 
  • The premium package does not offer value for money. 


As noted above, Swyft Filings has an excellent track record despite being relatively new to the industry. They offer some of the most competitively priced packages in the industry. Also, their customer feedback is great and this is a clear demonstration that their clients are satisfied with their services and customer support. 

They live up to their name, as they have a fast turnaround time for online incorporation. Swyft Filings is therefore a strong option for anyone who is looking for an online LLC formation service provider. We hope this Swyftfilings review provided you some value and wish you luck on your entrepreneurial journey! 

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