5 Best Scissors for Cutting Felt

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The type of scissors to use depends a lot on what is being cut. Although all scissors can cut, the material you are working with will determine which pair of scissors is the best.

The right scissors will help you increase the precision of your cuts, reduce the time taken to cut, and even reduce the strain on your hands.

Felt, for instance, is a man-made, non-woven fabric that is made by condensing and compressing together to form a sturdy fabric.

It can be used for a wide variety of purposes from creating artworks to the manufacture of clothing and footwear. The History of Felt is quite an interesting one and the fabric has come a long way!

To work with such a sturdy material, you need the right scissors. In this review, we will look at some of the best and most effective scissors to use for cutting felt.

The Best Scissors for Cutting Felt

1.Gingher Knife Edge Dressmaker’s Shears

These scissors are made from high carbon cutlery steel, which means that they have a solid construction that can not only cut fabric, they can also cut thicker and tougher materials like felt with ease.

The sharp blades will help you cut easily and with precision.

They also have a double-plated finish which makes them durable irrespective of what you cut. The scissors are 8-inches long and have a 4-inch blade.

The long blade offers you a longer cut that works well for patterns, trimming seams or cutting long swaths of the material you are dealing with. 

The scissors also have a bent handle design that holds the material flat on a tabletop and you can cut accurately up to the tip. The edge of the blade is also strong enough to cut through multiple layers.

The handles are comfortable on the fingers and easy to control so you can cut through tough materials like felt without straining or hurting your fingers.

Also, you do not have to worry about maintenance because Gingher will repair or sharpen the scissors for you at a small fee.

All you have to do is send them in and wait for three to four weeks to have them back.

You are also provided with a nylon sheath where you can put the blades when not in use to keep them in good condition. 


  • Have minimal drag
  • No air resistance
  • Powerful enough to cut through tough material
  • Comfortable
  • No rusting


  • The packaging is difficult to open
  • The handles are too big for those with small fingers

2.Fiskers Titanium Easy Action Scissors

These scissors are powerful enough for cutting a wide variety of materials including tough ones like denim and felt.

The handles are comfortable and easy to control and can be used by people with arthritis or anyone with limited hand strength.

These scissors were even awarded the Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Commendation. 

Other ergonomic features added to increase comfort include a handle that is sculpted to fit your hand and a bent design that keeps materials flat on a tabletop for accurate cuts.

They have a spring-action design that gently forces the blades open after each cut which means you don’t have to strain your fingers. This is different and more comfortable than traditional scissors that have levers instead of a spring.

The blades are about 3.6 inches long and can cut up to the tip. 

The blades have a titanium coating and can resist scratches and rust. The coating is three times harder than steel so you are going to be using them for quite a long time.

The scissors also have a locking mechanism on the side to keep them closed when not in use. The handles come in two bright colors; white and orange, which makes the scissors easy to find even on a cluttered desk. The manufacturer also offers a lifetime warranty on this product. 


  • Comfortable to use
  • Spring-action design
  • More durable than steel blades
  • Easy to spot bright handles


  • Difficult to unlock

3. Titanium Scissors

These scissors come in a pack of four, with three big scissors and one small one.

The big scissors have a steel blade that is coated with titanium to make them withstand wear and corrosion. Their sharpness can last beyond 10,000 cuts. 

The scissors’ tough coating means that they can cut a variety of materials including felt and plastic.

The blade is so sharp and strong that you can start a cut and finish it without having to close the scissors. 

The handles are made of plastic and rubber and therefore are very comfortable to use and control.

The loops are equally rounded on both sides and so they can be used by both right- and left-handed people. They can also be comfortably used by children because the finger loops are not very big. 

They come with a lifetime guarantee and the manufacturer will ship you a replacement at no extra cost. The handles also come in different bright colors making them easy to spot and differentiate.

The scissors are 8-inches long and the blades are half that. 


  • Can be used by both right- and left-handed people
  • Easy to spot bright-colored handles
  • Affordable as they come in a pack of four
  • Good for children and people with small hands


  • The finger loops are a bit too small for the average person
  • The handles are not ergonomically-shaped
  • The tip of the blade is not sharp

4. Westcott Titanium Bonded Scissors

These scissors have blades that are treated with a formulation of titanium and chromium nitride. This bond is 3 times harder than steel and can withstand wear and corrosion and stay sharper longer.

The construction is sturdy and they can maintain the edge and the tightness of the hinge even after years of use. They also hold up very well when cutting felt and other thicker materials. 

The pair is 8-inches and the blades are 3.5 inches long.

They are also very sharp allowing you to make smooth and precise cuts. They have contoured, ergonomic handles with a soft grip that is easy on the fingers and the wrists.

This eliminates discomfort and fatigue allowing for easier cutting of any kind of material. You can use them even if you have issues with the strength or movement of your hands.

In case you want to adjust the scissors to tighten or loosen the cut, there is a screw on the side of the scissors for that purpose.

The scissors also come in a variety of sizes and shapes to handle multiple cutting tasks. 


  • Powerful
  • Titanium-bonded for durability
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Low price


  • The pivot screw snaps easily
  • Not ideal for left-handed people
  • Some force is needed to open and shut the blades

5. LIVINGO Premium Tailor Scissors

These scissors are made of high-density steel that is three times harder than regular steel.

This makes the blade rust-resistant and smooth-cutting. The blades have gone through 44 different types of grinding and sharpening and can cut more than 16 layers of fabric. Therefore, cutting felt should feel like cutting butter with a hot knife. Also, the blades barely need re-sharpening because the steel is forged. 

These scissors are further strengthened with a titanium coating on the blade which makes them resistant to corrosion and adhesives. You can even cut materials that are glued together without ruining them. 

The handles have a soft, ergonomic design for comfort and easy control.

There is also an inner layer of light material that has been added to the loop to enhance comfort. They won’t strain your fingers or wrist even when cutting thick materials.  

The blades have a multi-colored titanium coating that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the scissors. This coating also protects the scissors from damage and contamination. The scissors are 9.5 inches with 4-inch blades and have a lifetime warranty.


  • Ergonomic handles
  • Low price
  • Durable 
  • Can cut all the way to the tip


  • The handle angle is not tipped enough
  • Not ideal for left-handed people


Cutting felt is not as easy but the right pair of scissors should make your work easier. Therefore, choose scissors that are powerful, comfortable, and sharp.

Also, the scissors should be able to make multiple cuts over an extended period of time without breaking down every so often or losing their edge. Also, remember to take good care of your scissors by sharpening and wiping them regularly with oil for them to remain useful for a long time.

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