What does Unfinished Business Mean?

Unfinished business refers to things we have not yet cleared away from our lives – and unfinished relationships may well be one of the major sources of negative energy blocking us from creating the future we want.

Unfinished tasks, unfinished relationships, an unfinished life experiences can leave us feeling unfinished too. Anything unfinished in your life is something that needs to be finished before you can move on – or it will keep pulling at you until you do come back to it and clear it away for good.

This is why anything unfinished in your business or career should be your number one priority, and unfinished relationships are perhaps the second most important unfinished item.

We have unfinished business with our past – the unfinished childhood experiences, school, college, etc. We carry forward into later life unfinished relationships connected to those early days; family members, friends we were close to but drifted apart over time, old flames, etc. We may also have unfinished business with ourselves or our own life – things we wanted to achieve that we never did for some reason.

What unfinished relationships are you still carrying around in your past? For many people, it is a former partner or spouse who has left the relationship unfinished and ended up unfinished themselves, unable to move on.

This unfinished relationship may be unfinished because of the way it ended. Many unfinished relationships end on bad terms and with bitterness – one or both partners wanting to get back at each other in some way so they can feel better about themselves.

Unfinished feelings like this get locked into your energy body, but you cannot move them until you deal with them and clear them out of the way. These unfinished feelings stop your energy body from moving on and getting back into alignment with your true self.

So clearing unfinished business is one very effective way to get yourself back in balance, so you can move forwards with your life again – although it may be difficult at first. This unfinished relationship can carry unfinished emotions and unfinished energy that will be difficult for you to deal with. If the unfinished relationship is with someone who still has unfinished business with you, then it can be doubly challenging – but every time you encounter this unfulfilled relationship, your unfinished business becomes clearer to you and easier to clear.

Unfinished relationships and unfinished business are a lot more than emotional baggage. Unfinished business and unfinished relationships can have a serious negative impact on your life in the present day.

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