What is a business periodical?

Business periodicals are typically journals or magazines that periodically include articles of interest to their particular industry, profession, or trade. Business periodicals are published once a month, every couple of months, weekly, or even daily, depending on the journal. A wide range of topics is addressed in business periodicals, from company news and announcements to market analysis, financial data, and advertising information.

So, what is a business periodical?

A business periodical is either a newspaper, journal or magazine which offers the most recent information in a particular niche within business.

Types of Business Periodicals

There are three basic types of business periodicals: newspapers, journals, and magazines. While each offers the latest information to professionals in their industry, they all serve as different sources for collecting and disseminating relevant data. Newspapers are distributed on a daily or near-daily basis and are published in both print and electronic formats.

Here is a list of the most popular business periodicals.

Some newspapers focus solely on the news, while others also include feature articles and advertisements. Journals publish a limited quantity of articles over time, usually scheduled for one issue per month or several issues every year. Magazines are similar to journals but are more frequently published on an ongoing or quarterly basis. Magazines are also more likely to include editorial content, typically submitted by contributors. In contrast, journals tend to focus primarily on publishing articles from authors within their field and may not have any outside contributor content.

Types of Content

Business periodicals can contain a variety of different types of content. Newspapers are typically divided into sections; some of the most common include News, Sports, and Opinion. In addition, a journal or magazine is likely to focus on a more specific industry or subjects, such as finance, technology, or politics. They may also have other sections that will be commonly seen, such as:

Personnel– details on current employees and staff

Market– where the business is positioned in the industry and how it fares compared to its direct competitors and indirect competitors.

Technology- The latest innovations in technology within the company may include articles on improving their current products or marketing strategy based on these technologies.

Research and Development- this section will typically cover the results of experiments and tests to improve their product or service.

Financial- This section will include information on current goings-on with the company’s financial status, including recent acquisitions, mergers, and stock performance.

The types of articles that may be featured in a business periodical can range from:

News articles – Typically just what they sound like, these articles will be in the News section of a newspaper and can include information on current events within the business or industry.

News briefs are typically short descriptions of news that may not make it to the full article. They will usually include key facts about an event but no real details from a personal standpoint outside of what happened.

Features- These articles will usually be located in the Opinion or Feature sections of a newspaper and can include anything from interviews, editorials, and advice columns. They also commonly feature more subjective content, like opinion pieces or reviews.

Investigative Reporting- This reporting deals with issues where there are conflicting interests at hand. The reporter may interview experts on both sides of the story and research to provide all of the dispute’s information.

Advertising- This is placed within its own section in newspapers and magazines, but it will sometimes be included as an article. However, this is typically done in a separate section from news articles. It can include information regarding current advertising campaigns that a company is running and some background on the company’s history.

Editorials and Opinions- These articles cover all of the more opinion-based content in a business periodical. They may include columns from staff or guest columnists, editorials from editors covering issues in their field, and even advice columns where readers can write in questions and get answers from professionals.

Reviews– Review articles are used to talk about specific products or services to review them. They may be written by professionals or consumers, depending on what type of periodical you’re dealing with.

Business Publications

Business publications have many uses for both business owners as well as consumers. A business that wants to find out new information about their industry can read trade magazines or journals to stay up to date with the competition, changes in technology, and any other news that may affect their company. As a consumer, you can gain insight into products before deciding what you want to purchase.

What is a Business Periodical Conclusion

Though the physical form that business periodicals take may have changed with the advent of technology, they still serve many of the same purposes as they did in ancient times. They are easily one of the most important methods for businesses to get their message out to potential customers and consumers.

Businesses can use them to promote their products or services and stay up to date with the competition and changes within their industry. Consumers use these journals to help them make informed choices when deciding between multiple products or services.

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