Why are jobs so hard to get?

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Are you getting frustrated with sending out application after application and not getting any new job opportunities?

Don’t fret, as sometimes a slight change in direction and focus can drastically change your success rate in getting new job opportunities.

So, why are jobs so hard to get?

Jobs are hard to get when you do not take a realistic look at your qualifications and spend time applying to jobs that you are either underqualified for, or spend time on jobs that you are overqualified for.

Your best chances for landing a job are when you are applying for a job that matches your experience level as close as possible to the job qualification requirements. That is the first step and there are some other steps that you should take to help your odds so read on below.

4 Reasons it is hard to find a job

1. Underqualified

It is common in the job search to shoot for the stars and pursue jobs that are interesting to you and pay well. Unfortunately, people often apply to jobs with wishful thinking without taking a look at their skillset and considering if they have the skillset to fit for the position. 

It can be very frustrating when you apply to job after job and you may consider giving up on the job search altogether. One thing you should do if you are having a hard time getting a job is to speak with a mentor to have them give you some honest feedback about your skillset and the types of jobs that are a good fit for you.

Let’s say you really want to be a computer programmer but you only took one computer class in college and yet you are sending application after application to computer programming job openings that require a four-year degree in computer science. Despite how much you want the job, you don’t meet the basic job requirements and you are likely to never get any sort of response from a hiring manager.

2 .Overqualified

Just as some people get turned down for being under qualified there is another part of society that gets turned down for jobs that they are overqualified for. Hiring Managers and Companies sometimes prefer hiring someone that is green and has little experience in the real world so they can pay them a lower salary or perhaps feel like they will be more motivated than someone who is older to perform the job. 

In today’s competitive world, you have to make sure you do research on positions to make sure your resume doesn’t over qualify you from positions. 

3. Targeting the wrong job market

A key factor you must consider when you apply to jobs is to make sure you are targeting the tight job market. If you are trying to get a job in an industry that is in a down market or in becoming obsolete it will not matter how good your resume is. I remember trying to apply for finance jobs during the financial crisis in 2008-2009 and never hearing back on hundreds of applications that I filled out.

I then decided to start looking in the Healthcare industry for a job due to the fact that demand was high and it had a great long-term outlook and I immediately began to get calls back on my resumes that I would send out. It taught me a great deal about making sure that I stayed on top of changing market dynamics and to try and find opportunities that have a great long-term outlook.

4. Poor Resume

Another thing that can prevent you from getting calls back on your resumes is when you have some sort of typo or grammatical error in your resume or in your job application. It is tempting to just throw together a resume and blast it out to the masses, but if you do so with a spelling error you may be one of the first ones disqualified from any job you apply to. 

Hiring managers want to hire people that can focus on the details and if you start off your relationship with grammatical errors in your resume they will think that you are not putting enough effort into making your career a priority.

Take a hard look at your resume and make sure that it is professional and that there are no grammatical or spelling errors. Putting time into your resume is a great way to leave the first impression and get your foot in the door to get that interview.

View your resume as the gatekeeper that can get you past the first step in a several-step process that ends with you landing your dream job. Each stop is important, so make you your master step 1.

5. Company dynamics you aren’t aware of

Some jobs may have job openings that aren’t technically open and they are simply checking a box.

Companies that want to hire internal candidates will sometimes still sometimes have requirements to post jobs that aren’t actually open just to check the HR box. So the Hiring Manager will already have their target candidate picked out, and then the company will have to check the box and interview a few external candidates just to play the game and show that they are following the hiring procedures.

Bigger companies have the strictest hiring policies so don’t get too discouraged if you get passed up for a job where you may not know the whole story.

Why is getting a job online so hard?

Getting a job online is so hard because it is tough to get a read on a person when you aren’t meeting with them in person.

Some people love communicating through technology whereas other people flourish in person where they can showcase their personality and body language and connect in a more personal fashion with the hiring manager.

In today’s age, many companies are interviewing through Zoom, etc, which makes it difficult to get a good read on the hiring manager. 

Is it harder to find a job when unemployed?

It sometimes is slightly harder to find a job when unemployed due to the bias a hiring manager or prospective employer may view you with. If they see you don’t have a job they may not understand the whole picture of why you don’t and will potentially see it as a risk to hire you.

A good idea if you are unemployed for an extended period of time is to try and find a flexible part-time or freelance job that you can use to fill your resume with a role that makes it appear that you aren’t just sitting at home collecting unemployment.

Employers want ambitious people and they will understand if you get laid off or lose a job in your career, however, one of the things hiring managers may stay away from are people that have the appearance of not having a work ethic.

Why are companies not hiring me?

You could be applying to the wrong types of jobs, your resume may not meet the qualifications for the job, or you may be applying to jobs in an industry that is in a cyclical downturn.

Keeping track of industry trends to understate where the job market is going to expand is a critical way to help yourself find a job that can turn into a long-term career.

What are some ways that can help get a job?

Good first appearance

The Old saying “dress for success” is a great way to help yourself make a good first impression and help you stand out from the crowd during the interview process. Interviews are tests to see how much candidates put into preparation and the first things people notice when they meet you is whether or not you made an effort into dressing appropriately for the job interview. It will never hurt your chances to be overdressed for a job interview but it can absolutely hurt your chances 


Not having a professional resume is another common reason why jobs are hard to get for some people. The resume is the first impression for employers and if you don’t put the time into having a professional-looking resume, employers will think you are not interested in the position. Consider a resume writing service and also make sure you print your resume on heavy-duty paper.

Follow Up

A great way to stand out from other candidates is to follow up on your job application to express your interest in the position. Many people do not follow up and it can be key to you getting the opportunity or not. If a hiring manager is debating between 2 candidates and you are the one that follows up, he may give the opportunity to you because following up shows that you really want the job.

Do your research

If you are having a tough time finding a job when you go into an interview make sure that you are fully prepared with questions about the role and have a good understanding of the company. 

Make Connections

The old saying “It’s not the grades you make, it’s the hands you shake” sometimes rings true in the job search process. People with good networking skills often get more opportunities than those that don’t. Put yourself out there and meet as many people as possible in the industry you are in to help your cause.

At what age is it difficult to get a job?

According to researchers, finding a job over 50 becomes difficult for people because there are often age biases that employers have. Although it is illegal to discriminate based on the age it still happens in the workforce.

If you are older in the workforce, be sure to have a good explanation about your background and express why you are motivated to work at that stage in your life.

How can I get a job immediately?

The best way to get a job immediately is to apply to temp jobs or seasonal jobs in your area. Check out sites like, or other job forums to find jobs that are immediately hiring.

With all of the online job forums, you will likely find an opportunity very quickly if you look hard enough!

Is it hard to get a job after 40?

Some studies show that hiring managers find the 36-44 age range as the perfect age to find experienced workers, but it really depends on the type of jobs you are going for. 

You should spend time researching the company you are interested in to see if you can get a gauge on the average age of employees that work at the company. Sites like Linkedin are great resources to check out what the employee landscape looks like and whether your experience would fit with the company culture

Why are jobs so hard to get conclusion

Jobs can be hard to get in some situations but if you put the time into finding the right fit for your skills and experience levels you should be able to find a job quickly.

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