Why is Sales the Worst Possible Career?


There are many misconceptions about careers in sales due to the variety of roles across a wide scope of industries.

The truth is, sales is a tough career but can be a great career is you align yourself with the right industry and pursue the right roles.

So, why is sales the worst possible career?

Sales is the worst possible career only if you find yourself in the wrong industry with very little career upside. If you pursue sales in emerging industries like Healthcare, Engineering, or IT, it can be a very lucrative career that provides plenty of freedom and financial upside.

Read on below to get further information on what are some of the pros and cons of a career in sales.

What are the best sales careers?

The best sales careers are typically in industries with a high degree of technicalities such as the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Engineering, or Software industries.

Getting a sales job in one of these industries can be very lucrative as most of the dollar amounts you will be bringing in are on the expensive side.

Software sales have become very popular in recent years with the emergence of new technologies. The average rep makes around $200,000 a year and can make much more in good years.

What jobs are there for sales?

There are a variety of sales roles that are often described as an account manager, territory manager, account executive, or sales executive.

Sales jobs that require a degree typically pay better than those without a degree requirement.

Working for large corporations is a great way to get good sales training, a good benefits package, and career advancement opportunities. Many people get burned by working at sales jobs that pay low wages and never return to the industry, while a big factor is finding the right company to work for.

Sales is a much more diverse career than most people realize

What do sales jobs pay?

The pay for sales jobs varies depending on experience, city, and industry. If you have a degree it is normal to see most sales roles offer starting salaries in the $40-$60k range.

The key to finding the best paying sales job is to do plenty of research through sites like Glassdoor and browsing different industry forums.

Putting in the research up front is critical to finding the best possible sales job. Where people get into trouble is taking a job at a company that has a bad reputation or products that leave customers disappointed. 

You can be the best sales rep in the world but it wouldn’t matter under those circumstances?

What are the careers in sales?

The most common career path in sales is starting as a sales rep, becoming a sales manager, and then moving on to a regional sales manager or VP of sales position.

Most people don’t realize that a sales career has a ton of career upside and mobility if you get with the right company.

Universities like the University of Houston have even created a degree program that teaches sales as its own specialty and helps place students with companies looking for sales talent.

How to get a job in sales?

The best way to get a job in sales is to get some experience showcasing your ability that you have sold something successfully in your background.

This can be something as simple as selling candy bars door to door, leading a fundraising campaign in college, or some sort of activity to show communication skills and organize others toward a specific goal.

Most sales hiring managers are open to meeting with candidates that may not have a ton of experience in sales. What is important is to have good communication skills, ask questions, and research the role you are applying for.

Since asking good questions and research is a critical skill that good salespeople have, it is important to show these qualities during the interview process.

Sales can be a very rewarding career

How to get a job in Medical Sales?

The best way to get a job in medical sales is to get 1-2 years of sales experience such as selling copiers, or some other b2b outside sales type of product. From there, you will want to apply for a junior sales position with one of the large medical device companies.

While the Junior rep or Associate Rep positions do not pay much, you will be getting a key experience that will help you get a full-time medical sales position as a result once you put in enough time.

The typical time that people stay in associate-level positions is around 2 years, so around the 2-year mark, you should be able to pursue promotion within the company you work for or get an opportunity at a competitor.

Like most things in life, you have to put in the hard work in order to reap the rewards, and the associate level role is a great way to do that and make connections within the industry.

How to get a job in software sales?

The best way to get a job in software sales is to get some general sales experience and then apply for an inside sales software sales job.

The inside sales software jobs may not be glamorous, but they will teach you a ton about the industry and you will learn the technical skills you need to be successful when you move to an outside sales software role

Outside sales software reps are some of the highest-paid professionals in any industry. If this is an industry that interests you it is worth putting the time into getting connected with people in the industry and being willing to take entry-level roles to get experience.

Is Sales a good career?

Sales can be a great career if you choose the right industry and company that will give you opportunities to thrive. One of the best ways to measure this is their reputation, and by speaking with other sales reps at the company you are considering.

Consider things like how long they have worked at the company, what are the benefits, and read online reviews to ensure you research as much as possible before taking a sales job.

Another thing that will increase your odds as a salesperson is to have good products that you are selling. You could be the best salesperson in the world, but if the products you sell are bad, it won’t matter. Try to speak to customers that use the products you are considering selling to get feedback from them as well.

One other tip to help you is to research and study the competition thoroughly as you want to find a sales job that has a unique edge in the marketplace!


While sales careers may not be for everyone, they often get a bad reputation due to a bad experience from someone taking a sales position at a bad company.

 Research is key in finding a good sales job and we recommend trying to find a role with a large publicly held company. These types of companies have the funding to invest into their sales department and typically offer great benefits and promotion opportunities.

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