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When 18-year-old Ayush Sanghavi decided to go vegan, he realized it would be harder than he thought.

But instead of going back to the meat aisle, Ayush channeled his inner-maker and decided to create a solution.

“After struggling with the transition, I wanted to create something that could help not only me, but hopefully a lot of other people in similar situations too.” – Ayush Sanghavi

Ayush decided that a mobile app was the best way to help others find veggie and vegan alternatives. Using the no-code app building platform, Thunkable, Ayush created the Veggie Alternatives app.

The Veggie Alternatives app is a vegan and vegetarian food directory. The app provides users with hundreds of animal-friendly substitutes for different food products, including chicken, cheese and chocolate. Users can even buy products within the app.

And all of this was possible without code.

“Thunkable is revolutionizing app building. The platform provides the opportunity to build high-quality apps to those with limited technical ability. Its long list of features is always growing, as is its community; another thing that really draws me to the platform is the enthusiastic, dedicated support team.” -Ayush Sanghavi

How does the app work?

Within the app, users can select specific animal products and find a curated list of vegan and vegetarian alternatives. Links are also provided so users can easily purchase items online.

For example, when an alternative choice for bacon is selected, users are shown a variety of options:

How did Ayush build Veggie Alternatives?

Veggie Alternatives is a reference app. A reference app helps users find information.

And for this particular app, users navigate to different information with button clicks. When these buttons are clicked, users are shown a variety of vegan and vegetarian alternatives.

If you want to create a no-code reference app, start by organizing information. For example, if you are creating a reference app for dessert recipes, start by writing down several categories: pies, cakes, cookies, etc.

Next, create lists of specific recipes for each category. Within pie recipes, you might have apple, blueberry or pumpkin. As a last step, collect and organize recipes for each individual pie.

When you have all of your information organized, add it to a reference app template.

Here’s how the proposed flow would work. Your app would display pictures of different desserts. And if a user clicked on a picture of pie, they would then be shown pictures of different pies. Clicking on a specific pie would then bring up a recipe.

If you’re interested in building your own reference app, Thunkable has a dedicated tutorial series to learn the basics of app building.

Thousands of creators like Ayush are building amazing apps around the world. And without having to code, what’s stopping you?

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