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Forming your LLC Company may be somewhat complicated if you choose to do it by yourself. However, it’s pretty simple with the help of top LLC formation companies such as ZenBusiness. We wanted to write a ZenBusiness Review to help you make a great choice!

If this is the first time you are encountering ZenBusiness or have been toying around with the idea of reaching out to them for their services, this post is for you. We are going to cover all the aspects that you’d like to know, so keep reading to the end.  

What is ZenBusiness?

 ZenBusiness is one of the best LLC formation companies dedicated to helping individuals, as well as companies, begin, run, and grow their businesses at extremely affordable prices. The company operations started on the 12th March 2015 in Austin, TX, and since then, it has expanded to other regions where they’ve helped 5000 + entrepreneurs to get started with their businesses. 

Unlike some of its top competitors, ZenBusiness does not only help individuals navigate through the business incorporation process, but it also manages state as well as federal compliance in the long run.

 ZenBusiness avails its services to clients through an automated web-based platform – they have a personalized dashboard meant to show everything you’d need at any time. 

 ZenBusiness is the best choice for entrepreneurs in need of a reputable, affordable, and flexible business incorporation platform. 

ZenBusiness Review Top Features

 Below are some of the top features that you will enjoy by choosing ZenBusiness as your trusted business incorporation platform.

·        Operating Agreement/Ongoing Protection

 An operating agreement is all you’d need when forming an LLC business. Luckily, all the ZenBusiness plans come with an ongoing protection guarantee to give you confidence that ZenBusiness won’t abandon you even amid the most pressing situations. 

  • Stress-Free CPA Assessment 

 Contrary to its top competitors, ZenBusiness understands that accounting may be challenging, especially for new entrepreneurs. They have thus incorporated a free CPA assessment tool that functions to evaluate your business finances. Once your business is fully incorporated, it’s their role to ensure that you get reliable CPA services at no added costs. Tracking your finances or other bookkeeping needs is pretty simple.

  • Registered Agent Services

 If you choose other business incorporation platforms, there is a higher likelihood that you will have to subscribe to registered agent services but at a fee. The case is, however, different from ZenBusiness. Even their cheapest plan covers certified agent services, making it an appealing choice for aspiring entrepreneurs.  

  • Free Compliance Guarantee

ZenBusiness offers a free compliance guarantee, but only if you subscribe to their Pro or Premium plans. With this service, you will be liable to receive annual businesses filing report notifications as well as compliance dates. This is important as it enables your company to operate as directed by the state.

 In case your company isn’t able to meet the deadlines or other state requirements, ZenBusiness steps in to offer you a helping hand. 

  • Real-Time Customer Support

 ZenBusiness takes your concerns seriously. As such, they have invested in one of the most competent and yet knowledgeable customer help desks that serves you diligently whenever you have a need. All their plans offer timely customer services but within usual business hours i.e., Weekdays from 9.00 AM to 8.00 PM ET. 

You can reach out to them through making phone calls, sending an email (, or through live web chat (considered to be the fastest).

  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)

 Employer Identification Number is, in a way, similar to your social security number. You will need the EIN when opening a banking account or when recruiting new employees for your incorporated company. The process of obtaining this number can be lengthy and tedious, but not with the help of ZenBusiness. They know how to navigate through the otherwise complex process and will do it for you on the condition that you subscribe to their Pro or Premium Plans. 

ZenBusiness Review Pricing Plans

 ZenBusiness offers up to three different price packages to give customers some degrees of choice. Below are the pricing packages that you can choose from.

 Please note that these prices don’t include the state fees (which may vary from state to state)

 Starter Package 

$49P/Mo or $119 annually, Excluding State Fee

 It is the cheapest package that you can subscribe to hence perfect for entrepreneurs operating on a budget. With this package, clients will have access to;

–         Operating agreement

–         Standard filing services

–         Registered agent services

–         Timely customer help services

–         Name availability search

–         Worry-free CPA assessment

 This plan includes the registered agent services. However, you should note that this service will be free only for the first year of subscription. 

 Pro Package

Cost $179 annually, Excluding State Fees

 Considering the dearest option for various entrepreneurs, the Pro Package features everything included in the starter plan – as if that’s not enough, you enjoy extra services such as;

–         Worry-free compliance guarantee

–         The EIN

–         Banking resolution

–         Expedite filing speed

 Premium Package

Cost $299 annually, Excluding State Fees

 It is the most costly plan offered by ZenBusiness. It’s a rewarding choice but for well-established companies aiming to expand within no time. Other than the features included in the Pro Package, the Premium Package comes with additional features such as;

–         Individual CPA support

–         Superfast turnaround time

–         Business webpage

–         Domain name privacy

–         Xero accounting tool license

–         Business insurance offer

–         Business bank account software

 With the Premium Package, ZenBusiness gives you access to almost everything you’d require, leaving you with enough time to focus on your customer’s needs.

Getting Started With ZenBusiness

 The process of getting started with ZenBusiness is straightforward and entails:

–         Choosing your desired filing plan

–         Choosing the state receive your documents from ZenBusiness

–         The state approves your business

–         ZenBusiness creates a personalized dashboard from where you can access all your  crucial details

–         ZenBusiness offers an operating agreement to keep your company in good standing with the state.

ZenBusiness Review LLC Business Formation Speed

 The duration taken for your business to be fully incorporated depends solely on the pricing package you pick. Generally, 

–         You will have to wait for up to two to three weeks of processing if you choose the Starter Package

–         You will wait for five to eight days of processing should you pick the Premium Package and

–         Two to four days of processing for the Premium Plan.

–         ZenBusiness Money-Back-Guarantee

 Experts advise you to ensure that you know what you are looking for when outsourcing to ZenBusiness. This is because their refund policy may cause inconveniences you’d otherwise want to avoid. They have clearly stated (on their official website) that they give a refund only if you request before they can submit your files to the state. Even then, you will incur $50 as cancellation charges. 

What makes ZenBusiness Standout? 


  1. Readily Affordable

 If you happen to do some research, you will realize that ZenBusiness, with a Starter Package of as low as $49 (somewhat below the industry average), is among the cheapest business incorporation platforms you have. 

  1.     Quick Access to Customer Support Desk

 Unlike other alternatives in the industry, the customer care desk responds to your concerns as soon as you present them. You should, however, present them on weekdays between 9.00 AM to 8.00 ET. 

  1.     Personalized Services

 As we earlier stated in this post, ZenBusiness creates a personalized dashboard for all their clients. From this dashboard, you can access all your information – tracking every piece of it won’t be an issue.  

  1.     Excellent Customer Feedback

Visit the various online platforms posting business reviews and search for “ZenBusiness.” You will realize that 99% of their previous customers are satisfied with the services rendered. You can tell that by simply reading the testimonials/users’ feedback. 

  1.     Responsive cPanel

Users can access their dashboard or cPanel from whatever device they are using –whether it’s a smartphone or PC. This is not the case with other ZenBusiness competitors in the industry. 

  1. Free Access to CPA Service – for the 1st year.

ZenBusiness subscribers have access to free professional CPA services offered within the first year of subscription. This saves you significantly huge costs that you’d incur with other alternatives in the industry.


  1. They are relatively new in the industry 

 May not be a suitable option for individuals or businesses looking to work with experienced LLC formation companies.  

ZenBusiness vs. LegalZoom

 Whereas LegalZoom would be an ideal alternative for ZenBusiness, the two don’t compare in any way. In terms of pricing, ZenBusiness is readily affordable, with a Starter Plan of $199. On the other hand, LegalZoom Starter Plan goes for $299, which is $100 more than the ZenBusiness Starter Plan. The difference is so huge, considering that you will get the same services. 

 If customers’ feedback is something you’d consider when choosing an LLC Formation Company, then ZenBusiness, with its numerous positive reviews outshine LegalZoom – which has significantly negative reviews

ZenBusiness Review Bottom Line

 With their reliable customer help desk, affordable pricing packages, and positive reviews, we can all agree that ZenBusiness is with no doubt excellent value for money. We can likewise anticipate that they will lead the industry shortly should they retain or improve their current pace.  We hope you enjoyed this Zenbusiness Review and wish you best of luck on your business journey!

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